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Dr Mubashar SheikhDear Readers,

We have had a busy few months finalizing the new strategy for the second phase (2013 -2016) of our work. I am delighted to announce that the new strategy was unanimously adopted at the 14th Board meeting which concluded early this week. The Board discussed a packed agenda including a fresh approach to mobilize Alliance members and partners; and planning for the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. The finalization of the new strategy has been a participatory process. I would like to thank our members, partners and other HRH stakeholders for the overwhelming responses and comments received towards the draft strategy. 

As an associate member of the Harmonization for Health in Africa (HHA) we have actively engaged in influencing the conference agenda and providing input for discussion at the recent Ministerial Meeting of Health and Finance Minsters in Africa. We were also a contributing author to the section on Human resources for health (HRH), to the 2012 report of Countdown 2015 which identifies HRH as an important building block for progress. Our 2011 Annual Report "Enabling solutions, ensuring healthcare" is fresh off the press and available online. Please write to us to avail your copy.

We look to your continued support and decidcation to advance the health workforce agenda within the universal health coverage paradigm.

Wishing you a good summer.

Dr Mubashar Sheikh


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14 GHWA Board Meeting 14th Alliance Board meeting successfully concludes with unanimous endorsement and launch of new strategy for the Alliance

The 14th Alliance Board meeting successful concluded on 3 July with the unanimous endorsement of the new strategy - "Advancing the health workforce agenda within universal health Coverage" - for the second phase of the Alliance’s work (2013 -2016). A formal launch took place in Tunis on 3 July, with several high level personalities in attendance.
Read more


GHWANew strategy for second Phase (2013 -2016) of Alliance Work

“Advancing the health workforce agenda within universal health coverage” – the new strategy of the Alliance for the second phase, was approved at the 14th Alliance Board meeting. The Alliance will seek to achieve its goal through 3 core objectives: advancing the HRH agenda through advocacy; catalysing actions; and promoting results and accountability. A distinctive feature of the strategy is an enhanced partnership model, which provides an enabling environment for members and other stakeholders to engage in policy, governance and implementation issues that contribute to HRH development and lead to measurable results at country level. In 2016, the Alliance as a collective, will consider its mission accomplished if, for example, commitments to train, deploy and retain 2.6 - 3.5 million additional health wokers have been made to overcome the health workfroce shortage and have supported delivery of universal health coverage. A full edited version of the strategy will be made available shortly.


HHA Ministerial ConferenceHHA Ministerial Meeting "Value for Money, Sustainability and Accountability in the Health Sector"

From July 4-5, the Harmonization for Health in Africa (HHA) organized a Conference of African Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Health on the theme of achieving greater value for money in Health. The Alliance, an associate member of the HHA, actively engaged in influencing the conference agenda and prepared a topic brief on HRH Financing to feed into conference deliberations and the governance framework. Alliance Executive Director, Dr. Sheikh chaired a session on Equity and presented on HRH Financing. Alliance Board members from ICM and AfDB, amongst others, actively participated in the Conference. Participants at the Conference adopted the Tunis Declaration. Read more

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GHWA Annual Report 2011Out now! 2011 Annual Report of the Allaince - Enabling  solutions, ensuring healthcare.

Enabling solutions, ensuring healthcare details out the achievements and experiences of the Alliance in 2011. The accomplishments of 2011 illustrate the many contributions and value added by the Alliance over the past years, and are intrinsically linked to the contributions of more than 300 member and partner organizations that, together, constitute the global network of the Alliance. Please write to ghwa@who.int to avail a copy. Consult the Annual Report here.

CCFThe Alliance’s Country Coordination and Facilitation approach receives positive feedback in recent evaluations

The Country Coordination and Facilitation (CCF) work of the Alliance has received positive feedback in recent evaluations undertaken. These evaluations include a recent European Commission Project evaluation and a rapid assessment on the effectiveness of the CCF in Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Read more


Topic Brief: HRH FinancingMore money for HRH: more HRH for money: new technical paper on HRH financing

In preparation of the Harmonization for Health conference, The Alliance has prepared a background document for the HRH financing session of the Conference. The paper calls for more money to be allotted to HRH and in turn more HRH for the money, in the African countries.  It calls on Ministries of Finance and Health to jointly identify and allocate additional financial resources - for HRH - to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of current capital and recurrent expenditures. Read the paper here


riothumbWorld leaders at Rio+20 call for strengthening recruitment and training of health workers

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+ 20) offered the world an important opportunity to both acknowledge, the inextricable links between human health and sustainable development. World leaders concluded the summit by endorsing the Rio+20 Declaration “The Future We Want”, which calls for further collaboration and cooperation to strengthen health systems through increased health financing, recruitment, development, training and retention of the health work force.
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Countdown 2015New report by Countdown to 2015 highlights HRH crisis in Countdown countries

Countdown to 2015 launched its new 2012 Report, Building a Future for Women and Children: The 2012 Report which highlights progress and obstacles towards achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. The Global Health Workforce Alliance was a contributing author to the section on Human resources for ealth (HRH), which has been identified as an important building block for progress. Read more


Mother and ChildLondon Family Planning Summit – 11 July

Organized by DFID and the Gates Foundation, The Family Planning Summit is an opportunity to generate global commitments to make high quality, voluntary family planning services more available, accessible acceptable and affordable, and, in doing so, to accelerate the achievement of MDGs 4,5 and 6.  The Alliance is working actively with civil society organizations, board members, partners and the WHO to call for a strengthened workforce to deliver these services to women and girls in the world’s poorest countries. We hope to see more high level decisions and funding allocated to support health workers in family planning initiatives. Read overview of the summit here


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global HealthAll-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health to launch new report  

Led by Lord Nigel Crisp, (Member of House of Lords (UK) and champion of the Global Health Workforce Alliance), the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Global Health and Africa will launch a report on the changing roles and skill mix of health workers, "All the Talents", on 11 July. The event will outline the conclusions of the report looking at how innovations in the skill mix of health workers can improve the quality and availability of health services and reduce costs. The Alliance has contributed substantially towards the report. Read more

CHWMomentum to support community health workers

Several initiatives were recently planned around various aspects of Community Health Workers (CHWs), supported by the US Government, the government of Norway and an academic institution (KIT) in the Netherlands. Building on its earlier work on CHWs, The Alliance, at the recent Nairobi consultation, (hosted by NORAD and EQUINET) organised a side meeting with the conveners of these events to ensure complementarity and consistency in response and messaging. It was jointly agreed to develop a 'synthesis paper' from the outcomes of these four events, and collate related evidence best practices to mximize impact. The statements and proceedings of the various meetings are now available and can be consulted here.

The EconomistThe Economist Group plans its first Global Healthcare Summit 2012

The Alliance recently became a partner organization for The Economist Group’s new flagship event “The Global Healthcare Summit 2012”, which will be held in London from 29-30 November. The summit will bring together a global audience of healthcare professionals to address global healthcare challenges and will reveal strategies for the future of healthcare. Read more


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We urge all members and partners of the Alliance to submit news articles, resources, multimedia or any relevant information about their work for inclusion in the upcoming editions of our newsletters.


HWAINews from the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

The network, recently selected a new Chair to steer the advocacy agenda of the network. AMREF has been endorsed by the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI) steering committee members to hold the chair for the next two years. The chair will consult the secretariat (Wemos) about the day to day management and administration of the network; will take lead in agenda setting and chairing steering committee meetings; act as spokesperson of HWAI and provide strategic leadership.

Members of HWAI have also defined four key issues for advocacy and have setup working groups on: implementation of the WHO Code of Practice, task shifting, HRH financing and mainstreaming HRH. The working group members are currently developing a workplan with interventions needed. The working groups are led by a network member and supported by the HWAI secretariat. All HWAI members are encouraged to sign up and participate in one or more working groups, share their experience, expertise and strategies for advocacy. Read more about HWAI and the changes HWAI members want to establish.

Save UK Report Family PlanningEvery woman’s right. How family planning saves children’s lives

Ahead of the Family Planning Summit in July, Save the Children UK has launched a new report - Every woman’s right, How family planning saves children’s lives. The report sets out to identify what needs to be done to tackle both the supply-side and demand side of the family planning issues. Read more and download the report here.


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HBCIHigh Burden Country Initiative (HBCI) update for Democratic Republic of Congo

The Alliance is spearheading the development of the national midwifery assessment in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the financial support of the French Muskoka Initiative. The objective of the national assessment is to analyze the midwifery workforce at the community level, specifically the MNH service provision; the performance of the midwifery workforce; work environment; management and policies; and financing of the HRH providing MNH services. Data will be collected on formal policies, guidelines and regulations, as well as on the current situation at the service provision level and on promising or innovative practices. Meetings with the Ministry of Health and H4+ partners were undertaken in June 2012, resulting in the formation of a steering group. Review of secondary data is underway and the appointment of a national research partner is anticipated in July 2012. JICA will be co funding the national assessment. Read more for a comprehensive update of progress in other HBCI countries. Read more


Sudan develops new HRH plan (2012- 2016)

The Alliance introduced the Country Coordination and Facilitation (CCF) process in 2010 creating a momentum for the coordination of HRH issues. Sudan, through the CCF has formulated an HRH plan for 2012 – 2016. The plan defines the priorities for HRH issues and accordingly recommends strategic goals and objectives to revive and improve HRH planning, production, distribution and HRH management systems. See new HRH plan.
See Sudan HRH web profile.



Warning over shortage of midwives - The Independent, 28 June
An independent report found that numbers of staff are one of the main challenges facing maternity services.
Strengthening community health systems - The Guardian, 18 June
Anglo American's experience tackling HIV/AIDS in its workforce in southern Africa for more than 25 years is now helping to inform its broader approach to strengthening community health services in the region.
Africa must turn its health research into treatments for African people - The Guardian, 11 June
Africa already has the research and the potential to improve the health of its people, but changing perceptions is the first step.
RCN lobbies for equal pay in senior public health roles - Nursing Times, 2 July
Nurses in senior public health posts should receive similar pay to doctors doing the same roles, the Royal College of Nursing has said.
Zambia: Empowering Country's Rural Health Sector - Times of Zambia, 28 June
Recently Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda announced that Zambia had acquired a $50 million credit line from EXIM Bank of India for the construction of 650 rural health posts across the country.
The role of Health Workforce in tackling health inequalities - EPHA position - European Public Health Alliance, 22 June
Health workforce and healthcare systems have an important role to play in reducing health inequalities through systematic and effective action on the wider social context of their patients.
Commission unveils Action Plan for Health Workforce - European Public Health Alliance
An Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce has been released. It aims to assist Member States to tackle urgent challenges and sets out actions to foster cooperation and share good practices.
Motivated staff are the NHS's best medicine - The Guardian, 19 June
Twenty years of working in the health service has taught me that technocratic reforms alone are not enough to improve efficiency and care.
Healthcare needs 5.6M new jobs by 2020 to meet demand - FierceHealthcare, 21 June
Need to create 5.6 million new jobs by 2020 to meet the growing demand for care, according to a new study from Georgetown University's Center on Education and Workforce.
Rural health students propose solutions to an old problem - ABC Rural, 21 June
Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has indicated the Federal Government could look at offering HECS relief for allied health graduates who embark on careers in rural and regional Australia.
The Downside Of Health Care Job Growth - Kaiser Health News, 7 June
As overall employment decreased by 2 percent from 2000 to 2010, employment in the health care sector actually increased by 25 percent. But that’s not necessarily a good thing, according to an opinion piece published in the most recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Upcoming events

4-5 July
HHA Meeting of Health and Finance Minsters

4-8 July
International Conference on Health in the African Diaspora

9-16 July
AU Summit Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

11 July
London Summit on Family Planning

11 July
Launch of new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health and Africa

22 - 27 July
XIX International AIDS Conference - "Turning the Tide Together", Washington, D.C., USA

27 August - 4 October
Annual meetings of WHO Regional Committees

27 - 30 August
World Cancer Congress, Montreal, Canada

More events

New resources

"More money for HRH: more HRH for the money"
Topic Brief: HRH Financing, developed by the Alliance ahead of the HHA Ministerial Meeting.
June 2012

What influences national and foreign physicians' geographic distribution? An analysis of medical doctors' residence location in Portugal
Russo G, Ferrinho P, De Sousa B, Conceição C
Human Resources for Health 2012, 10:12 (2 July 2012)

Measuring workload for tuberculosis service provision at primary care level: a methodology
Blok L, van den Hof S, Mfinanga SG, Kahwa A, Ngadaya E, Oey L, Dieleman M
Human Resources for Health 2012, 10:11 (28 May 2012)

Countdown to 2015: "Building a Future for Women and Children: The 2012 Report"
June 2012

Why Physicians and Nurses Ask (or Don't) about Partner Violence: A Qualitative Analysis
Beynon CE et al.
BMC Public Health

Retention of Allied Health Professionals in Rural New South Wales: A Thematic Analysis of Focus Group Discussions
Keane S, Lincoln M, Smith T
BMC Health Services Research

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Deaf Community Health Workers DCHW

This short educational ASL narrated video explains in-depth of what DCHW is doing for the deaf and deaf/blind community.

Dr Kate Tulenko
Importing Foreign Health Workers Harms US Health

Dr. Kate Tulenko is a physician, health workforce expert, and author of Insourced: How Importing Jobs Impacts the Healthcare Crisis Here and Abroad.

I'm a Health Worker
"I'm a Health Worker": Bernie Boi-Lucy Gager

Spend one minute with Bernie Gager, deputy chief of party at Heartland Alliance in Nigeria, who shares a story about a young person she helped through the Integrated MSM HIV Prevention Program (IMHIPP).

Enrolling mothers in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) services
Jane Chanoroma is a volunteer health worker who helps enrol HIV-positive mothers in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS services. Here, she discusses her role.

UNICEF in Niger- Community Health Workers leading with ICCM
UNICEF and the Canadian International Development Agency are supporting Niger's Ministry of Health to deliver Integrated Community Case Management of Malaria, pneumonia, Diarrhea and acute malnutrition.



Alliance YouTube Playlist on health workforce crisis

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