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In this Issue:
  • Wood Horse
  • Keys to Vitality...
  • Seasonal Inspiration
  • Blessings...

Greetings from the Crossquarter... 
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We are approaching the halfway point between the  Winter Solstice and the Fall Equinox.

I reach out at these seasonal shifts to celebrate the rhythms of change. 

As we move into the balance of day light and night I invite you to explore how to embody balance in body & mindset.

Seasonal Inspiration...

4 part tree

This section is dedicated to links that will guide you to several articles on seasonal inspiration.
As we move from winter to spring we have the opportunity to leverage spring's growth to manifest our heart's desires.


May each and every one of you feel peace and grace in your beautiful heart. 
May you see and feel this beauty all around you.
May this love grow strong and reflect back to you the miracle of you.

As always, if I can be of service to you in your health and well-being please contact me.

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Katie Briggs L.Ac.
(831) 234-6616
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January 31st, 2014
Year of the WOOD HORSE

Hop On That Horse...

The Horse according to the Chinese calendar is the year for 

leaders who want to make a difference in the world

2014 is a year filled with grit, determination, vitality, endurance and true spirit that will keep everyone strong in a year full of turning points. 

The horse is a symbol of traveling, as well as a sign of speedy success; it gives individuals a ride to their destination. 

Where do you want to go? 

The element of Wood is about vision and growth. 

Set your destination and Ride!!!

Keys to Vitality… 
Cornerstones to Health!
During the Lifestyle Consultation component of Resonation Acupuncture we address the 
4 Cornerstones to Health: 
Sleep, Nutrition, Movement (Exercise) and Mindset. 
If one of these areas is out of balance, the structural stability of Health is out of balance. 
Perhaps you have a long list of “shoulds” around these 4 areas, 
for example...
I should go to bed earlier… 
I should exercise more… 
I should eat more vegetables… 
I shouldn’t worry so much… 

My goal is to identify what serves your specific constitution and help you easefully integrate this information into your lifestyle so you can maintain a state of wellness long after you leave my office.

Finding your “KEYS”...
If we can locate 1 or 2 key areas where there is desire and excitement to try out a new habit, the upward spiral of health begins and the authentic desire to gently and lovingly alter lifestyle habits gains momentum. As a result, the shaming "shoulds" are left far behind. 

Let's use an example… When I am supporting a patient with challenges concerning her menstural cycle such as cramps, mood swings, fibroids, irregular cycles, or infertility, I will explore imbalances within the reproductive system. I will also explore the adrenals and thyroid, as imbalances in these glands may be the underlying cause of the reproductive symptoms. 

During our consultation I might discover that she is not sleeping well, and wakes in the middle of the night with anxiety and worry. In the morning she does not feel rested and relies on caffeine to boost her energy. This cycle points to adrenal dysregulation. Without addressing these symptoms it will be difficult to maintain an easeful menstrual cycle. 

With the acupuncture and sound therapy I am able to gently facilitate the easeful flow of life force or qi. I access “energy kinks” or blockages in the meridians. By gently “unkinking” the energy the body is able to restore wellness. Picture a garden hose that is crimped: when we untangle the hose the water flows and the blockage is resolved. The patient’s time on my table is restorative, restful and deeply healing. 

Keys to take Home...
I will typically suggest 1 lifestyle recommendation and 1 key nutritional supplement, superfood or herbal formula to support the areas of sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset. My goal is to find the “keys” that you will be able to successfully integrate. For instance, if I suggest to the patient in the example above that she eliminate her morning cup of coffee, which will help diminish the PMS symptoms and allow her adrenals to begin to recover, but we have not addressed the morning fatigue, chances are she will be unsuccessful at eliminating coffee.
4 hands

By starting on the right supplement, super food or herbal formula that addresses her insomnia and balances her energy she is much more likely to skip the morning coffee or replace it with tea. Once the upward spiral to healing begins it becomes easier and easier to integrate healthy habits. I invite you to contact me if you would like assistance finding your “Keys to Vitality”. Explore how you can leverage the positive habits that are working for you, and release the habits that are not.

new-year-2014-chinese_1387925340-1 2恭禧發財 
Gong Hey Fat Choy 
"happy chinese new year"

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