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Cozy Wishes...

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I am sending cozy, sweet, joy and ease to you and your loved ones. 
Warm Winter Blessings,

Winter Solstice Greetings! 
Today, December 21st, marks the longest night of the year and the return of the light. 
Welcome to this gateway of winter.

ble winter candles

Tune into the seasonal rhythm... 
indulge in restoration
I will be taking my own advice and celebrating winter hibernation. I have come to adore this time of year simply because I give myself FULL PERMISSION to enjoy the pleasure of slowing waaaay down. I will be out of the clinic Dec 22nd –Jan 1st (but feel free to text or email to set up your "welcome to 2017" appointment during this window)

This newsletter contains 2 articles that I hope will spark relaxation and inspiration:
*Letting life pass you by
*Transformation in 2017

Letting life pass you by... 
a good idea.
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Winter is associated with the Taoist 5 Element of Water.  
The Water Element embodies qualities of deep, slow, dark, hibernation... 

Winter time and the Holiday season when juxtaposed offer the perfect opportunity to ask:
What if the frenzied pace of life is not something I want to keep up with? 
Are you responding to your life or 
reacting to your life? 
When we allow our surrounding environment to dictate our perceptions of reality, we end up with an over stimulated nervous system that is stuck in reactive mode. It's only when we slow down that we are able to choose and respond. 

When we slow down, we give ourselves the opportunity to peer beyond the "auto pilot" of the collective driven consciousness. In slow mode we can hear new perspectives and insights that are resonant from within.
pass you by 2When I slow down, my inner world whispers "It's okay to rest, go lie down." "Ditch the long list of presents for a heart full of presence. All they want is your love."

When I say slow down, I mean it physically and mentally. When you soothe your nervous system by slowing down the pace of your breathing, talking, moving and thinking, you create an opportunity
breath and sky 2
to respond to your life. 
I invite you right now as you read these words to slow down the pace of your inhale and exhale, close your eyes and slow your breath... 
no time like NOW.

Transformation, a Bold Choice.      What does 2017 hold for you?

blue butterfly

As we embark into this new year, I am left with the desire to address the aspects of our life and world that are requesting healing. I will focus on the health and well being of your body and spirit but these principles hold true for all systems and aspects of life.

Your body (the world) has an innate wisdom, a vitalism that reflexively guides its harmonious performance. Illness is evidence of imbalance somewhere – physically, mentally, spiritually, interpersonally, nutritionally – and when symptoms of pain and illness arise, it is an invitation to engage change in the service of balance.

These ideas are a movement away from the random universe where illness is bad luck and we play the victim. When we align with the perspective of Transformation in the face of illness and pain, we move back towards a reunion with wholeness, meaning and purpose.

"The healing journey is surrender to the process of change. Sometimes the things that go wrong in our lives, including physical illness, may happen when we have refused change at the point it was most called for: when we continue to perform a killing job, ignore the pain of a toxic relationship, perpetuate a self-harming habit; when we refuse to stop what we’re doing even when we do not feel well doing it; when we neglect to ask ourselves, ‘What’s the matter?’ or turn a sympathetic ear to the reply."

What do you choose? What methodologies will you employ?

The doctor says, “Your machine is broken.” 

The shaman says, “You have fallen out of relationship with the whole.” 

The surgeon says, “I can resolve your crisis with biomechanical repairs.” 

The Helper says, “Your illness is an existential question that ultimately you must answer" 

Marc Ian Barasch

As a practitioner, my goal is to encourage the patient’s journey of self-discovery; a helper urging toward authentic being. Transformation takes courage, but knowing the "beast" of pain and illness is a messenger of grace, liberation and joy, not only makes the process doable but desirable. "The crop that falls to the ground may yet fertilize a more abundant harvest.” 

Transformational Healing allows us to not only survive but rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, washed over with deep gratitude for every bit and piece of the healing journey – this process guides you far beyond "a return to normal" but to a life of regenerative awe. Vital. Open. In rapture with life. 

Resonation Acupuncture 
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Resonation Acupuncture
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