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In This Issue: 
  • Acts of Love...
  • Zucghetti
  • Farmer's Market
  • Qi Shield
  • Blessings...

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Zucghetti... Zucchini "Pasta"


If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing a spiralizer I strongly encourage you to check it out. 
(I purchased mine on line for $8). 
It's a fantastic way to enjoy all your favorite pasta dishes sans pasta.
I recommend zucghetti with basil-parsley pesto, topped with sweet, yellow, cherry tomatoes.

Farmer's Market Yum Yum Yummy...

summer fruit 3If you live in Santa Cruz and have not been to a local Farmer's Market this summer season, 
I dare you to go! 

The experience includes amazing food, happy children, music... it is so fun. 

Here is a link to all the Local Farmers Markets, pick a time and day that works and have at it! 

(If you don't live in Santa Cruz I suggest a quick internet search to locate the Farmer's Markets in your area.)


of Grace and Ease to fill your heart and remind you that no matter the circumstance and condition we are held in an unfathomable beauty-grace-love always
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From My Heart to Yours,
basket o food

Early August marks the half way point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. 
Late Summer is my favorite 
"food season", 
the bounty of delicious is waiting.
 Sink your teeth into the YUM of summer. 

This is the time to fill up your belly and soul with all the deliciousness of life. 
Joy and Gratitude are the energies of the season. 
Revolutionary Acts of Love...
cartoon of self hug 2
The deepest way I can be of service to anyone or anything; the environment, social justice, health and wellness … is to tend to the aspect of the universe know as “me” with love and respect. 

Who am I to pass judgment, pick apart, criticize the miracle of my body? This fantastic vehicle of the human body is so so so wise. You hear me say it all the time: “the wisdom of your body heals” and it heals not just itself, but on a global level. 

When we listen for the depth of satiation rather than the quick sedate we are guided to skillful actions and thoughts. 
When we slow down enough to listen to our bodies' “symptoms”, it’s an opportunity to gain insight of how to transform not only our inner state of body, mind and soul, but also
world in hands 2
the mirco of the macro; 
the shift on a global level happens as well. 

For example, as I explore what foods my body thrives on I am guided to purchase and support sustainable food production. 
The request is not coming from an alarmist, doomsday fear, but an opportunity to allow the brilliance of my physical form to shine and thrive, and in the process I am supporting the environment thriving and shining! 

My body’s wisdom is my guidepost to living a fantastic life. 
When my body informs me with dis-ease I am given the gift to tune in and listen, what is the request and how can I honor this request? 

As we cultivate unconditional self regard, wegirls hugging cultivate it for all those around us. This unconditional love and respect seeps into our relationships and sculpts the way we perceive the world, creating love and respect for diversity in others and our environment. 

The journey to cultivate unconditional self regard and explore what is unfolding in your body and life with a curious and adventurous attitude is a courageous act. 

I honor your path and know you will be guided to just the right support at just the right time. If your intuition guides you to the services I offer at Resonation Acupuncture, it is my pleasure and honor to support you in this journey. 

Cheers to good living! and always Cheers to the infinite Wisdom of your Body!

Seasonal Shift - Qi Shield

VitalityNow is the perfect time to set a foundation for 
a healthy 
"Qi Shield". 

If it seems to soon to think of cold and flu season, reframe it this way 
"the best way to be healthy and strong is to stay healthy and strong." 
As the days begin to shorten and the temperature shifts quickly it is important to be prepared. 

In TCM the external elements (wind, cold, heat damp, dry) "call in" the pathogenic influences. They leave us susceptible to feeling run down. 
In our coastal climate late summer provides some amazingly beautiful, warm days and some chilly evenings and mornings. The temperature can drop, quickly leaving us without adequate layers of warmth to keep out the external elements. 

Dah Da Dah... enter the lurking feeling of constantly fighting off a cold, feeling run down and chilly and a cough that comes in the morning &/or at night. 

Plan ahead, set yourself up now for an autumn and winter full of strong qi and health! 

If you need support or ideas on how to do this please contact me. 

I'm happy to help.
Resonation Acupuncture 
213 Blackpoint Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 ~ (831) 234-6616   
Find me on the web : 

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Resonation Acupuncture
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