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S U M M E R    S O L S T I C E   N E W S L E T T E R

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In This Issue: 
  • Joy...a Birthright
  • Book Review
  • Seasonal Inspiration
  • GT Active Article
  • Blessings...

Good Times Article
gtactive2013 2

I was featured in this Year's 
GT Active Magazine. 
Here's a link to the article. Thanks for reading and celebrating with me. It's on page Page 50 of the magazine.


I am sending each and every one of you blessings of unexplainable joy. May it bubble up from the mystery of life and grace your day with awe. 
May this joy know no limits and may it find you when you most need it.

Katie Briggs L.Ac.
(831) 234-6616 

Happy Summer Solstice!

Tomorrow, Friday-June 21st , marks the Summer Solstice. I hope you all are enjoying the long days.  I’m feeling the sassy freedom of summer... exploring ways to embody joy, hence the "Belly Laughs" email subject. My intent is that this newsletter inspires opportunities to embrace joy. I've included a book review that explores the courage it takes to allow ourselves to feel joy.

Cheers to summer…


Joy... a Birthright
This time of year is all about JOY. Summer is the season of the Fire Element and the Heart in Chinese Medicine. The Heart exudes joy - summer is time to have fun! Here are some of my favorite ways to slip into summer’s fun & joy… 
  • Cherries & Berries… strawberries, blackberries, and stone fruit in general. 
  • Play Frisbee at the ocean’s edge. Sometimes I embody the spirit of a puppy, leash free on the beach, so fun!
  • BBQ… even if you don’t eat meat, grill up some summer squash, onions and whatever veggies you can find at the Farmers Market. 
  • Bonfire! 
  • Laughter… super silly belly laughs where you are laughing so hard you forgot what was funny in the first place. 
  • I know you have your summer fun rituals… get to it :)
We really never need a reason to have fun, joy is a birthright. 
But if you want a reason here’s one… 
The world we live in is full of intensity… catastrophic natural disasters, school shootings, economic hardship, wars ( I don’t need to tell you - we are all too aware). 
I invite you to take on a personal mission to have fun and feel joy. The balance of feeling pleasure is imperative in remembering the big picture and summer is the perfect season to do it. 
As always I am more than happy to help if you are feeling stuck in the shift of seasons or the ebbs and flows of life in general. I invite you in for a seasonal “Qi Reboot”. Sometimes we need a reminder that the “goodness” is at hand.

Daring Greatly- Book Review 
daring greatly 6
This book explores the liberation being vulnerable brings. She explores topics like cultivating "shame resilience", living wholeheartedly and learning it takes vulnerability to feel Joy. 
The author Brene Brown explains, "by foreboding Joy we're trying to beat vulnerability to the punch." We don't want to be blindsided by hurt so we choose to live disappointment rather than feel it. If you wonder why it can be difficult to celebrate life without waiting for "the other shoe to drop" check out her research.
Here is a link to a TED talk Brene gave.
Personal Note: This book gifted me with the awareness that experiencing my vulnerability brings vivid, powerful "color" to my life. I am engaged in a whole new way and it is amazing to "dare this greatly".

Summer Inspiration

Summer is a time of the Heart... love for ourselves, our friends and family, our community and planet Earth at large. How big can your Heart be? How in love with life can you feel? Summer is the season to explore these questions.
This section is dedicated to links that will guide you to several articles on the seasonal inspiration of summer. 

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