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Season Wellness

balance 3As we move deeper into autumn it is a fantastic opportunity to align with the seasonal flow of energy. Follow the link for additional insight...
Potent Seasonal Shift


Is it time to decompress? 

Come on in for self-care, you deserve it! 

Everyone and everything will benefit if you are centered and well cared for.

An Invitation...

hand heartsIt is truly my pleasure to remind you of your unique super powers and celebrate the infinite healing wisdom of you body! It's an honor to support you in thriving. Please contact me if you'd like to come in. 

From my heart to yours so many blessings,

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Happy Fall Equinox!
(It's this Thursday, Sept 22nd)
I hope you all had a fantastic summer. 

This newsletter features 2 articles: 
  • My "mini rebellion" summer vacation story
  • Creating the world you live in... global transformation from the inside out
I have also included a link in the left side bar to assist seasonal tips for wellness. This is the time of year to set yourself up for a winter of wellness.
I'm back! 
I have been playing "newsletter hooky". After 6 years of writing a newsletter every 6 weeks (38 Newsletters) I took the summer solstice and the summer-fall cross quarter newsletter off. 

It was liberating and fun for me to "break" my own self imposed rule of 8 newsletters a year. I was on vacation over the summer solstice and gently watched as I didn't sit down in the weeks and days prior to write the newsletter. It felt "in alignment" not to write it. 

We can fall into habits which become obligations, leaving us feeling burdened and confined. If we keep doing it we martyr our energy. We have choice to shake it up. 

Start small; a missing newsletter or two requires little "clean up". My commitment to myself and you is to write something that inspires me; if I'm not inspired it's pointless busy work.
What's on your to do list that you can joyfully cross off with out doing it? 
Use this "mini rebellion" as an affirmation: "I can switch it up whenever I want". 
This is a reminder to "do" life because you love it, because it's fun, inspiring and creative. Simply because you want to. 

The coolest part is while I wasn't writing newsletters I was having one of the most playful, adventurous summers I've had in a long long time. 
meeks bay
Highlights include: 
  • a 3am full moon stand up paddle on a beautiful warm Sierra lake 
  • floating into the turquoise- indigo- aqua blue colors of Lake Tahoe 
  • and being enchanted by my own private whale tail show... tail slapping joy right here in Capitola.
whale tail
Yay for the joys of summer!

Creating a world I am proud to live in...

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. 

Marianne Williamson sitting with the sun

We are bombarded with information and events of the world that leave us feeling overwhelmed and aching for collective and global transformation. 

I find myself asking the questions... 

How can I afford not to think about this "topic"? (replace "topic" with anything the leaves you feeling disturbed, maybe even ill, that you exist in a world where this behavior or these actions exist).

How will change come if I don't pay attention? 

I compassionately remind myself that this is problem-focused thinking. If I convince myself that not focusing my attention on the topic is denial, I am left with the awareness that placing my attention on the topic, when my attention is clouded by fear, horror, disgust, blame and righteousness, is contributing energy and momentum to the problem. 

So what do I do? How do I contribute to the solution with out focusing my attention on the problem? 

I again, gently remind myself, solution implies a problem, my actions would still be "sugar coated" problem-focused attention.

How do I envision a world that is not a reaction to my perception of the atrocity? I am aware that my personal transformation has global effects. My perspective is my creative point of focus and my focus of consciousness is my most potent tool of creation. 

If I want to create a world I am proud to live in that resonates values of beauty kindness vitality and love, how do I orient my attention on the probability of these feelings, rather than the deficit? 

I back far enough away from my point of focus on the problem to see that I can't see the whole of the situation. 

From this greater perspective I can relax, and instead of responding to the problem, I can create an inner perspective shift that is rooted in the values of love. 

I can see the beauty rather than push against the pain. 

My thoughts and actions are rooted in possibilities of grace. 

From here I am guided to thoughts and actions. I may not see the direct connection to the "topic" but I trust that I am creating a world I am proud to live in. 

It takes courage to not heed the judgmental, internal and external voices that speak of the "privilege of denial" but I am unwilling to sink my point of focus to the reactions of disgust and atrocity. 

I chose to be a beacon of positivity. 

When you find yourself pushing against the "topic", I invite you to muster the courage to soften your gaze and see if you can relax enough to find a thought and action that is rooted in creating the world you want to live in, rather pushing against the world you don't want to live in. 

You may surprise yourself with the momentum of possibility and positivity this orientation sparks in you and those around you.

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Resonation Acupuncture
213 Blackpoint Lane
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