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Season Wellness

fall-winter treeAs we move deeper into winter it is a fantastic opportunity to align with the seasonal flow of energy. Follow the link for additional insight...
Gift of Water

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This kitty cracks me up, the art of selfies 
transcends humanity.

If you find yourself taking things a little to seriously and you want to remember how to turn the drama into comedy I invite you to come on in for a decompression re-write reality check.

I'm here to support the full spectrum experience of life; from the tears to the laughter, it's a beautiful journey.

From my heart to yours so many blessings,
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Longer Nights... 
We are tipping into the hibernation time as we move
towards the winter solstice. With the holiday season upon us I am a voice of rest and relaxation. 
(It's really okay to take a nap.)

This newsletter contains:
  • an article on Satisfaction and 
  • an Audio offering on Autumn


The Art of Enough 

We all have a list, it's a collective-cultural list:
Not enough: time, money, health, love, sex... 
To much: work, fat, information, emotion... 
We pick and choose buffet style, if it's not enough it's too much. 

How do we cultivate an experience of "enough" authentically, sincerely, not just "fake it till you make it", but a genuine sense of satisfaction? 

Here's an example from my inner world...
I recently "dipped in" to explore the corner stone beliefs I hold that keep me from feeling satisfied. 
My sense of dis-satisfaction pivots around my desire for growth and expansion. 

I am consistently seeking expansion and I crave learning more about the world through my experience of it. 
At what point is my craving for more impinging my pleasure for what is? When am I satisfied? 

My craving for more understanding of myself allows for more understanding of the way I experience the world, and in turn expands "my world". 
This is unending and so exciting and compelling that I can get caught in the quest for more, addicted to growth and expansion. 
When is it enough? When am I satisfied? 

This expansive energy can carry over into every aspect of my life and lend itself to a restlessness. 
If I stop seeking will I stop growing? 
This was the fear that unconsciously drove my restless quest. 
My answer is, no. 
My expansion and curiosity are generated by something other that my restless dis-satisfaction. 
I'm coming to learn that the growth and expansion of my consciousness are inevitable, no yearning required. Satisfaction amplifies the sense of pleasure, grace and gratitude - 
waaaaay more fun than restless. 
happy hand

The affirmation that permeates my perspective these days is 
"This is enough. I am satisfied." 

If you find yourself feeling restless and dissatisfied in any aspect of your life I invite you to find some aspect of your life that is satisfying. 
It may occur as a tiny little portion compared to the mountain of restless dissatisfaction, but the more you focus on the aspect that is satisfied the more it grows. Paradoxically, we can fulfill desire through focused satisfaction. 

Satisfaction becomes the epicenter; it is the catalyst for the transformation you desire. 
Cheers to exploring the Art of Enough!

An Audio offering on Autumn...

Chef Jenny Brewer invited me to have a 

winter squash

conversation about how the wisdom of Chinese Medicine can help you stay healthy and balanced from now into winter. 

In the spirit of "keeping it real", something Jenny is masterful at in her services and mentoring, we also talk about beer and nachos! 

On this 35 minute call...

Min 12- How changing seasons influence your emotions 

Min 18- Practices to help you stay grounded throughout the fall  

Min 21- How to indulge wisely--with beer and nachos!? 

Min 33- A different and delicious way to eat fall fruit 

Click here if you would like to learn more about Chef Jenny and her service, including her weekly meal plan designed to help you eat healthier in every season.

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Resonation Acupuncture
213 Blackpoint Lane
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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