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Wellness Tip

Antiphlogistic- images-59
use with any type of infection... 
  • sore throat, 
  • fever, 
  • achy body... 
Antiphlogistic liquid is my shining tip for this season, especially if you are traveling or care-taking those with a cold or flu. 

This formula clears all types of infections, UTI’s, stomach flu, sinus infection… 

The 3 herbs are designed to clear heat. 

I suggest keeping it on hand in your purse or back-pack, and take a little for prevention if you are exposed to someone with a cold or flu, and a full dose if you feel like you're fighting the pathogen yourself. 

The best way to stay healthy is to keep ahead of the ball and support your immune system. Don't wait till the infection has “dug in its heals” -pluck it out before it lands… Antiphlogistic Liquid. Contact Katie to order: 
2oz -$40


self love

of You to You.
The miracle of you is quite profound: what are the odds that you are here now? How easy it is to forget the awesomeness of You!

Cheers to YOU!

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cool new moon

Today 11.11 is the New Moon. A New Moon is an energetic doorway that allows us to break ground for new cycles from within. 11.7 marked the halfway point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

The combination of the new moon ushering in the longer nights creates a stellar invitation to explore our inner world and the deeper undercurrents of our being. 

This seasonal shift encourages more time to sleep and dream, time to slow down, rest and remember what it is that we most cherish and most value. 

As we tip into winter, invite in the opportunity to set aside the “to do” and embrace “the BE”.... curl up with a hot beverage and your journal... time for a spiritual and emotional reboot. 

“The most important thing is feeling good”

In this statement lives the Revolution of Joy. 
zen baby
We may ask ourselves, "Who am I to feel fantastic when so many are suffering?" I want to flip it and ask, who are you not to? It is a fantastic act of service to choose feeling good, especially in the midst of circumstances and conditions that may not automatically solicit this good-feeling, joy-filled response. 

If we are experiencing discomfort in our bodies, chronic pain, emotional or physical, it can in moments feel insurmountable to establish an authentic positive feeling. 
This is when we most need it. 
I call it The Anchor to Grace - an overwhelming experience that all is well. There is an unexplainable ease in your emotional body and this permeates your physical body. 

How do we cultivate thought patterns and emotional fields that allow us to habituate to Grace in tumultuous times? 
We cultivate the vision of joy pulling us rather than being pushed around by habitual pain.
We allow for assistance and support. 

Imagine a first time surf student, on their belly out 
paddling hard to catch the wave and the swell rolls right under them. Not having the muscles developed to “dig in” and catch the wave, the student may feel tired and discouraged after a series of attempts. 
Along comes the instructor, and as the student goes to catch the wave the instructor pushes the back end
surf lessonof their board into the wave at just the right moment, and off the student goes catching their first wave. 
The joy and exhilaration of moving in the flow, riding the wave creates a memory of experience. The student now has a vision of what they are moving toward: the sensation of joy as they caught and rode the wave. 

As a health practitioner, I love giving the extra “push into the wave”. It is my goal to foster a healing environment that anchors you to a sensation of grace while you are in my presence and receiving care. 

The treatment is designed to encourage your body to relax, to feel the ease and grace always available with the energetic & vibrational components of care (acupuncture & sound vibration therapy). 

I align to find your “Keys to Health” or lifestyle pivots. As we identify what serves your specific constitution, I will make 1 or 2 lifestyle suggestions that you agree to integrate between now and your follow up appointment. 

As you start to feel the ease in symptoms, there comes a shift in the point of focus and the vision of well-being begins to pull you along. You’ve caught your metaphorical “wave” and the upward spiral to health builds momentum. A new base-line for grace, ease, joy and well-being is available. 

There are many ways to catch the wave of positivity and leverage the vibrations of joy. I invite you in this day to look around your life and “spin it”. Sink your teeth into the knowing that everything is conspiring for your good. 
May you be joyfully surprised at what unfolds...

Gratitude "Shout Out" to Edna Vilozny-

EdnaFarmers Insurance Agent. 
Edna has helped me sort out my personal health insurance for the last several years. She is fantastic! There is no additional cost. 
Why sort it out yourself when Edna is there with a vast knowledge base and professional experience navigating the various policy choices. I deeply appreciate Edna’s commitment to service and her sense of humor, truly a pleasure to be around. 
Edna can help you with Health, Auto, Home, Rental and Life Insurance.
Praises of Gratitude for Edna!!!
Resonation Acupuncture 
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Resonation Acupuncture
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