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In This Issue: 
  • "Ball" of life
  • Chiron Gateway
  • Summer Lovin'
  • Seasonal Inspiration
  • Blessings...

Summer Lovin' 

Qi Style

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It's time to sink your teeth into the joy and celebration of summer.

We all need self care even if we feel great!
I invite you to give yourself some 
love "qi style"  
and receive self care before you NEED it. 

Summer Links...

smile kitty

I love summer and I want to share my joy with all of you. 
If you're looking for some summer seasonal inspiration, check out these links...


May each of you feel 

play in your heart...

joy in your being... 

and summer fun in your life!


If I can be of assistance to you in any way I look forward to hearing from you.

Katie Briggs L.Ac.
(831) 234-6616

Sourcing the Wisdom 
of your Body...


The Wood Element of Spring has moved past its need to birth. We have passed the half-way point in this year's seasonal spring parade. 

The Summer Solstice will be upon us on 

Saturday June 21st. 

The Sun's power is increasing each day as we move toward the Fire Element. The push to become during Wood Element Springtime is enormous, now the call to mature beckons

That which was birthed deepens. 

It matures in its desire to Be. 

The bud becomes the flower becomes the apple… 

It is our destiny to become… 

It is our nature to deepen and mature.

The time comes in each of us to become our 

“greater yet to be”. 

I invite you to explore your "budding"

at the upcoming Chiron Gong event. 

Sound Blessing info. To learn more click on the links above or scroll to the bottom of this Newsletter.

It is my intent that the offerings in this newsletter inspire the blossoming of YOU as we glide into summer. Enjoy!

The “Ball” of Life
One of my patients describes the events, activities, relationships, time commitments… all the “goings on” of her life as a ball. 
When she was in a state of flow with the “goings on” she felt as though she was gently rolling the ball along. 
When things felt at bit too over-whelming she felt as though she had some how slipped to the other side… and the ball was rolling toward her, keeping her "running" so she wouldn't be crushed.
ball on desertI appreciate this imagery, it gave her the opportunity to stop at any point and notice which side of the ball she was on. 
We always have choice, and she would choose to do wellness care to slow the pace down. 

Wellness care is the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve; it is inevitable that life will “deliver” and that “stress” will happen. Creating a wellness program allows for decompression before we end up in "crisis". One of my favorite examples of wellness care includes “pajama days” (vs. sick days). What if you planned to stay in your jammies a couple days a month so you didn’t end up in overdrive pushing so hard that your body demands a break with a cold or flu.

As part of Resonation Acupuncture Care I invite patients to establish a nurturing self-care wellness plan. Celebrate when your body-mind-soul are not in crisis and gift yourself a wellness re-boot. We need to “re-boot” on a regular basis. Establish a regular monthly or bi monthly Resonation Acupuncture wellness care appointment. Create the opportunity to step behind the ball and get back in the position of gently rolling along with your life’s flow.

I personally have some sort of re-boot on a weekly basis: time when I know I will have the support to stop and assess the flow and powerfully choose to be the gentle roller. I would be delighted to be a part of your self care wellness program. We can discuss a flow that works for you and design a pace of care that is practical and feels like LOVE. 
Yes LOVE... because this is what you deserve.

Chiron Gateway...

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Chiron Gong 2

Wednesday June 18th, 2014 
Mark your calendars...
woman spiral
In celebration of the Summer Solstice (June 21st, 2014 at 3:51 AM (PT), 
I will be offering an evening with the Chiron Gong on 
Wednesday the 18th.

The solstice offers a gateway to the realm of self-discovery. This evening provides an opportunity to be curious about the unfolding possibilities in your life!
I invite you to join me for qi gong, vocal sounding and centering exercises, and a meditation journey with the Chiron Gong (picture above).
To learn more about Chiron, click here.

Date:Wednesday June 18th 
Time: 6:45-9pm

Cost: $40

Space is limited - please contact me to reserve your spot.
213 Blackpoint Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 ~ (831) 234-6616   
Find me on the web : 

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Resonation Acupuncture
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