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S U M M E R    C R O S S Q U A R T E R   N E W S L E T T E R

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In This Issue: 
  • Greater Yet to Be!
  • Resonation Astrology
  • Celtic Year
  • Seasonal Inspiration
  • Blessings...

Celtic Year...
The traditional Celtic year was quartered by the solar events with which we are familiar—the solstices (“sun-standing”) and the equinoxes (“equal-night”)—and then it was quartered again at the midpoints between the solar events, the “cross-quarter days.” The solar events are determined astronomically, and vary a little bit due to factors such as leap year. The true cross-quarter days are actually a few days later than the traditional dates of Imbolc -Feb 2nd, Beltaine-May 1st, Lughnasadh-Aug 1st, and Samhain-Nov 1st, and sources vary as to the exact dates of their observance as well.
To read more info follow this link..

Summer Inspiration:

santa cruzSummer is a time of the Heart... love for ourselves, our friends and family, our community and planet Earth at large. How big can your Heart be? How in love with life can you feel? Summer is the season to explore these questions.

Approaching half way...

August 7th marks the half way point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. I choose to send out my newsletters every 6 weeks so that we all have a chance to notice and celebrate the changing seasons. If you have not had an opportunity to sink your teeth into the Fun of Summer I'm here to remind you that the goodness awaits.

Late Summer is my favorite "food season", the bounty of delicious is waiting... The Farmers Markets are Booming! 

I have included an invitation to a Chiron Sound Blessing and an excerpt from a website on the distinction between the cross-quarter days and the celtic holidays, along with seasonal inspiration links, Resonation Astrology Day and a Blessing.

Eat, Play & Love... (enjoy these celebrities of summer),


Shining the light on our Chiron Gong
“Greater Yet to Be!”
You are invited to a 3 Part Sounding Journey with the Chiron Gong. 
  • We will be gathering to vision as a collective… 
  • Sourcing the infinite wisdom… 
  • Accessing our soul destiny…
Each session we will be centering with: 
  • breath 
  • movement (Qi Gong) 
  • vocal sounding and centering exercises
We will then embark on the sound journey-meditation with the Chiron Gong.

The multi-dimensional sounds of the Chiron Gong access the innate wisdom of our body. It generates healing through exploration with love and self-compassion. As we heal, we increasingly see things from the eyes of Love. Such is the ultimate Gift in the Wound. 

Chiron unbinds time allowing us a right of passage to our soul destiny by shining light in the shadows. The fragmented and wounded aspects of ourselves provide the fuel for our personal and collective transformation. Chiron midwifes our deepest wounds into our greatest strengths and gifts. 

These Journeys will take place 3 Wednesday evenings, 6:45-9pm
  • Wednesday August 28th, 2013 
  • Wednesday September 25th, 2013 
  • Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 
A month between each journey allows for spacious integration. 

The group will be limited to 10 people to create a sense of cohesion and community. We will be building from month to month so please plan to attend all 3 journeys. 
(3 spots left... let me know soon if you're interested)

Cost for all 3 evenings is $75 

"Chiron's higher message is that everything is about perception. Seeing one side of things (duality) is Wounding. Seeing all sides of things (unity) is Healing. As we Heal, so the world around us changes, not because we have set out to change it, fix it, or get rid of the things we do not like, but because we see things differently. In short, as we Heal, we increasingly see things from the eyes of Love. Such is the ultimate Gift in the Wound. Surely, this is a journey worth pursuing.” Martin Lass- astrologer 

To Register Please Call: 831.234.6616  or reply to this email.

Resonation Astrology

Saturday October 5th,2013 Katie Briggs L.Ac. will be combining forces with 
Denise Elizabeth Byron to offer Resonation Astrology.

Denise will be offering a 45min personal astrology reading and Katie will follow the reading with a 45min sound session using the planetary tuning forks to integrate and ground the astrological wisdom in the body.

By appointment only, please call (831) 234-6616 or email Katie.
Cost $150 for the 90min appointment.

To Learn more about this unique day follow this Link.
To Learn more about Denise follow this Link.
To Learn more about Katie follow this Link.


I am sending each and every one of you blessings of unexpected joy. 
May it burst forth from the mystery of life and grace your day with awe and inspiration. May this limitless joy find you when you most need it!
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Katie Briggs L.Ac.
(831) 234-6616
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Resonation Acupuncture
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