Bay Ship & Yacht Opens U.S. West Coast's Only Covered Dry Dock
Bay Ship

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Bay Ship & Yacht Opens Only Enclosed Dry Dock on the West Coast
6,300-Ton Facility Provides a Covered Environment
For Greener, High Quality Service & Refit Projects
Alameda, CA – August 5, 2013 – Bay Ship & Yacht Co., one of America’s leading service, refit and new construction yards for superyachts and commercial vessels, recently expanded its capacity and capabilities by unveiling a new covered dry dock that accommodates vessels displacing up to 6,300-long tons with a maximum beam of 76 feet. Currently the only dry dock on the West Coast to be fully enclosed by a retractable roof, this new high-tech facility on San Francisco Bay is a conversion of the submersible Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1), which played a role in a covert Cold War operation.
HMB1 and Yard 07-2013
According to CIA documents declassified in 2012, the HMB-1 was built in the 1970s by the U.S. Navy as part of Project Azorian, a top-secret plan to salvage the Soviet submarine K-129, which sank while reportedly carrying three nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The ruggedly built HMB-1 was designed to submerge to 160 feet and sit on the seabed during the transfer of heavy equipment required to retrieve the sub. After Project Azorian’s successful conclusion, the HMB-1 was transferred to Lockheed Martin, where it became a floating dry dock for the Navy’s experimental 164-foot SWATH vessel Sea Shadow, a test bed for stealth technology.
Today, the new HMB-1 dry dock, which has a 69-foot retractable roof, offers Bay Ship & Yacht clients a covered Dry Dock Interiorenvironment for commercial ship and superyacht service, repair and refit projects. This unique facility offers several major benefits:
The HMB-1 facility has expanded Bay Ship & Yacht’s dry dock capacity by 18 feet in width, while its lifting capability has more than doubled. This allows the yard to service commercial and pleasure vessels that are much larger, beamier and heavier than ever before.
“Under the direction of Alan Cameron, Bay Ship & Yacht’s General Manager, the HMB-1 dry dock was completely transformed in almost every aspect, meeting all environmental requirements with minimal impact on marine life,” said Anthony Del Gavio, Business Development Manager. “The ability to close its roof makes working conditions ideal for delivering the best-quality product Bay Ship & Yacht is known for, and it is something our painting and vessel refinishing will surely benefit from. I am quite proud of this new facility of ours, and I know our customers will be delighted with our new expanded capabilities.”
About Bay Ship & Yacht
Bay Ship & Yacht Co. (BSY) was founded in 1977 by Bill Elliott with its primary focus on the construction and repair of wooden ships. Elliott’s passion endured as the company made the transition to repairing, conversion and the building of commercial and military vessels and superyachts, and today anchors its mission to always deliver absolute customer satisfaction through exceptional quality, service and on-time delivery to meet or exceed expectations. Bay Ship & Yacht Co. operates a world-class shipyard in Alameda, California. In addition to the new, 6,300-ton covered dry dock, it also offers the West Coast’s premier Syncrolift® and rail transfer system, which includes a 1,200-ton hauling capacity and over 1,000 linear feet of rail to transfer vessels to individual dry-berths. For more information, visit


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