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Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation  E-Newsletter
May 2018
IMG_2105Train Station in Fort Saskatchewan

Health and Shared Prosperity - Deadline for Early Bird Registration is May 31, 2018


Are you planning to attend the upcoming Health and Shared Prosperity conference? If so, make sure to take advantage of two opportunities to save money on the registration fee: (i) be a registered CRRF member and (ii) the early bird registration fee. Being a registered member of CRRF entitles you to a discount on the conference registration fee. To become a CRRF member, or renew your members, visit The early bird registration fee is available until May 31, 2018! Click here to register for the conference.

Join CRRF, the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance, and the University of Saskatchewan for the Health and Shared Prosperity conference in Saskatoon from October 10-12, 2018. The conference will mark the 30th anniversary of CRRF. More details about the conference can be found at

Have You Selected a Conference Field Trips? Six Choices Available! 

Conference organizers are pleased to offer 6 optional conference field trips during the Health and Shared Prosperity conference in Saskatoon! 

Advanced Water Recovery and Reuse Tour
October 9 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Advanced Wastewater treatment and recovery center is located on the NW side of Saskatoon 2 km past SaskTel Center. It is the first of its kind in Saskatchewan, however hundreds exist across Canada and USA. This state-of-the-art technology is called an MBR (or Membrane Bio-Reactor) and converts municipal sewage into clean, recycled water. The equipment is packaged/turn-key and mobile (so can be moved, expanded, etc. to adapt to future land use planning, environmental and population changes). The equipment fits within 40-foot-long sea containers, for example a population of 1250 people (350 meters cubed per day) can be treated by a set of 7 containers. Cost: $30 per person, plus tax

Stone's Throw Rural 
October 9 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
Kristen Johannesson of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority will be your guide on a rural experience just a stone’s throw from Saskatoon proper. First stop is a tour of food processor Key Brand Foods where you will see where your next salad at A & W and KFC comes from.  Distributing across western Canada, Key Brand Foods also produces ZIGGY packaged foods for Loblaw’s. A short distance away is award-winning Black Fox Farm & Distillery. Join these third-generation farmers on their non-traditional operation that now produces award-winning spirits and flowers. Hosts John and Barb will share their story as they provide a tour along with cocktails and charcuterie. On the way back to the Saskatoon Inn, a quick stop at ‘Simply Grounded Coffee’ in Delisle will ready you for an evening of networking with fellow delegates. Cost: $55 per person, plus tax

Urban Reserves 
October 9 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Saskatoon became linked to the phenomenon of urban reserves with the establishment of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation’s Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve in 1988, in the south east neighbourhood of Sutherland.  At the time there were many unknowns and some concern about the implications. Today, the process is well established and procedural, with six urban reserves in the city, one ATR in the surrounding Rural Municipality, and at least 7 other First Nations land holdings held in fee simple in the Saskatoon region, most with plans to convert to reserve. This tour, led by Shaun Soonias, the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network, will visit several of the urban reserves in Saskatoon, including Asimakaniseekan Askiy and the English River Reserve in Grasswood. Participants will learn about the legal structure, economic benefits and history of urban reserve creation, as well as common business models. Cost: $30 per person, plus tax

Small & Medium Enterprise Agri-Business
October 12 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
This tour will showcase Saskatchewan agri-business initiatives with opportunities for small and medium-size rural enterprises and entrepreneurs. Participants will visit the Rayner Dairy Research and Teaching Facility on the University of Saskatchewan campus, to explore modern dairy production systems; POS Bio Sciences, which works with clients to add value in commercial processes such as extraction, concentration and purification of food components for nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries; and the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, a commercial incubation centre for food processing to help clients transform a wide variety of agricultural crops into innovative consumer food products such as snack foods, breakfast cereal, pet foods, meat analogues and bio-products. Cost: $30 per person, plus tax

October 12 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Working to advance the understanding and appreciation of the evolving cultures of the Northern Plains indigenous peoples, Wanuskewin is the living reminder of the peoples’ sacred relationship with the land. A guided tour integrated with program activities such as the ‘step back in time walk’ and tipi raising will provide a rich experience that you will treasure for years to come. Cost: $30 per person, plus tax

Arts on the Prairies 
October 12 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
The Remai Modern brought Picasso to the Prairies and catapulted Saskatoon to #18 on the New York Times list of 52 places to visit in 2018.  A guided tour of this museum of modern art will also provide a bird’s eye view of Saskatoon’s redeveloping riverfront. Before returning to the hotel, take a short walk to Saskatoon’s premier non-profit organization for youth employment engagement – the Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming (SCYAP). Since 2001, SCYAP has met the social, educational and economic needs of youth at risk through arts and cultural programming. Cost: $30 per person, plus tax

Further details about each of the field trips can be found here: To register for a conference field trip simply select the item as part of the overall conference registration process. Click here to register for the conference. Spouses, partners, and colleagues are welcome to register for the field trips. 

State of Rural Canada in the Media 

state_of_rural_canada_2015The State of Rural Canada report was once again in the media! The Manitoba Co-operator recently published a story about the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) creating a new rural policy committee. KAP is a farm policy organization based in Manitoba. 

Read the full story from the Manitoba Co-operator here. You can download the State of Rural Canada 2015 report from

RDI Submits to Manitoba to Manitoba Electoral Divisions & Boundaries Commission 

RDI logo
A report by the Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Brandon University is informing the work of the Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission. 

As part of the Commission’s broad public consultation process, it contacted RDI to report on the state of rural and northern Manitoba.  The report draws on RDI’s body of research to highlight significant issues, challenges and opportunities affecting population changes or trends in rural communities and regions of Manitoba.

“The report contains four themes to provoke reflection and inform new insights pertinent to rural and northern Manitoba,” said Bill Ashton, RDI director. “It looks at functional economic rural regions as self-contained labour areas, agricultural innovation, the mining and forestry industries of Manitoba’s north, and Indigenous communities.”

The full report can be accessed at the RDI website at

Full article available from the RDI website

Halseth Re-appointed Canada Research Chair in Rural and Small Town Studies 

photo-greghalseth-177x158Congratulations to Greg Halseth on the renewal of the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Rural and Small Town Studies! Greg is a faculty member in the geography program at the University of Northern British Columbia. For more information on the work of Dr. Halseth through the Canada Research Chair visit:

People, Place and Public Engagement Conference Call for Submissions Extended 

People, Place, and Public Engagement Logo

This fall, Memorial University’s Office of Public Engagement will host People, Place and Public Engagement, a conference taking place October 25-27 2018 at our stunning new location on historic Signal Hill in St. John`s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
The deadline to submit a proposal to present at the conference has just been extended to May 22nd, 2018. See the complete call for proposals for more details about the conference themes. Proposals will be accepted until May 22, 2018.

Update from the Board - SORC 2.0 Mapping Rural Innovations

In 2015, the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation published a report called The State of Rural Canada (SORC). That report articulated the changing nature of rural Canada and showcased the significance of rural Canada as the site of food production, resource extraction, energy generation, clean water and air, and future carbon sequestration. The report generated a lot of buzz and made clear that innovation is at the centre of many activities in communities across rural Canada.

CRRF has decided to focus the next installment in the SORC series on those activities of rural innovation. The project is called SORC 2.0 – Mapping Rural Innovation. SORC 2.0 is an interactive online map that captures stories of rural innovation from source … you, the CRRF membership.

Stories of rural innovation in governance, technology, science, business, social and cultural development, and environmental stewardship are all at home on this map. CRRF invites you to visit and click ‘participate’ to add your own contributions to the map. Highlighting the stories of rural innovation helps make a case for an immediate and substantial investment in rural Canada for the benefit of all Canadians and is an important part of CRRF’s work.

Check out both installations of The State of Rural Canada at – keep your eyes peeled for SORC 3.0 next year.

Valencia Gaspard is from Ontario and is a 
member of the CRRF Board of Directors

Each month, the CRRF Board of Directors will provide updates on the Foundation's activities and opportunities throughout the newsletter. Stay tuned for future updates from the CRRF board! 

Upcoming Event - Rural Vitality: Partnerships and Placemaking

Communities across rural Newfoundland and Labrador are looking for opportunities to build on their existing assets and identify new opportunities for place-based development. The Bonavista Peninsula has used its unique built heritage resources to kickstart economic development and employment, preservation of place and ensure the ultimate survival of communities. Join the Rural Vitality: Partnerships and Placemaking forum - a unique community-based forum where communities on the Bonavista Peninsula will tell their story and invite innovative ideas on how to harness built heritage for community revitalization. The forum will take place from June 14th-17th, 2018 in communities across the region. 

Learn more and register at

Rural Websites? Send Your Organization's Website for Inclusion on CRRF's Website

22-.jpg?1489748277&s=899cf419fa12c80ca421711acfa3fd60The CRRF website contains a list of rural organizations, research centres, government departments, and other organizations interested in rural issues. The list can be found at We are in the process of updating the list and want to make sure your organization is not inadvertently left off! Please send an email to with your website hyperlink.  

New Rural Routes Podcasts - Marijuana Legalization and Rural Doctor Supports

Check out Recent RPLC Webinars on YouTube

RPLC LogoDid you miss a recent webinar hosted by the Rural Policy Learning Commons? If so, do not fret! Recordings of recent webinars can be found on Rural Policy Learning Commons' YouTube channel. Recent webinars include: 
You will find over 50 recorded webinars on the Rural Policy Learning Commons' YouTube Channel. Check it out today! 

Ask an Expert

Ask_An_ExpertCan't find the answer to a rural specific question? Perhaps it is a question related to best practices or about funding programs? Maybe your question is about finding a connection to another organization that has started a similar initiative to yours. Regardless of the topic, send your questions to the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation! We can pose your question to over 2,000 members and supporters from across Canada. Our stakeholders represent local development practitioners, government policy and program officials, researchers, and private businesses. We are sure someone in our network will have an answer or be able to point you in the direction where you can find more information.

To submit a question click here:

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Upcoming Rural Events

June 4-6, 2018 
London, United Kingdom

June 11-12, 2018 
Vancouver, British Columbia 

June 14, 2018
Tweed, Ontario 

June 14-17, 2018
Bonivista Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador

June 16-21, 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia 

June 22-28, 2018
Whitehorse, Yukon

June 25-25, 2018
Manhattan, Kansas

July 15-21, 2018
Toronto, Ontario

More rural events can be found at

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