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April 2018   
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President's Message
Hello ARV Supporters and Volunteers,
Wag ‘n Walk – September 29th
Do you have it on your calendar?  Our 13th Annual Wag ‘n Walk is on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Rancho Simi Community Park on the corner of Erringer and Royal in Simi Valley.  This event is our major fundraiser and gives us the ability to save dogs in need.  Registration will open in June.
Free to Participate
This is a family fun filled event that is FREE and open to the general public.  You do not have to be a walking participant or even a dog owner to enjoy the event.  Attendees can stroll and view vendors, dog adoptions, listen to live entertainment, or partake in the many wonderful raffles and silent auctions.
Ones who need an extra helping hand
Not only do we rescue dogs who need some extra veterinary care like surgeries and/or have other health issues, we also have ones already in our group who have high medical expenses.
Snow White – our 11th Annual Wag ‘n Walk Mascot.  Her momma was rescued pregnant and had 7 puppies.  Snow White was born a mere 5 ounces, had a cleft lip and palate which required her to be tube fed, and a hole in her head which caused seizures.  The vet felt her survival was unlikely.  Now, at almost 2 years old and 22 lbs, she is a joy to be around with her many quirks.  She is completely deaf and has fairly good eyesight but she sometimes sees ghosts.  She had her palate surgery at 5 months old and is able to eat normally.  She still has a hole near her nasal which kept reopening after 2 surgeries.  She had surgery for a luxating patella and now runs around in her awkward way but without a limp.  Being our miracle girl, the hole in her head healed and no more seizures.  She was recently diagnosed with Renal Kidney failure so eats a special homemade diet.  She is a testament to our commitment of her survival, which is due to your support.
Spotify – His momma was rescued pregnant from the shelter.  She had 6 puppies.  The whole litter was a challenge as their momma was unable to nurse them.  All 6 needed to be tube fed for a short period until another momma with puppies in the weaning stages took over with nursing them.  Spotify, being so small compared to his siblings, gets low blood sugar in which we have had to take him to the vet.  He is 5 months and a fragile 3 lbs compared to 7 lbs for his siblings.  The 2nd momma ran out of milk and all but Spotify had transitioned nicely to dog food.  He, therefore, needed to be tube fed.  He ended up getting pneumonia and was hospitalized for 3 days.  He is a spitfire but needs to be watched closely for any signs of low blood sugar.
Rosebud – Her momma was rescued pregnant from the shelter.  She had 5 puppies.  When Rosebud was born, she had difficulty breathing and her back feet were inverted. She is also deaf.  We did not know if she would survive, but she did and her feet corrected themselves!  She is a 1/3 the size of her siblings.  We believed she had hydrocephalus and that was confirmed with our vet.  It was recommended we take her to a neurologist, which we did.  The neurologist said her bigger problem is a nerve issue.  She has very little reflexes and if there are some, they are very slow.  A nerve test needs to be done so we can get an exact diagnosis.  However, she is still too small.  Also, her hips did not form properly so her left side has popped out, giving her an odd gate which causes her to fall down on her hind.  We took her to our surgeon and he wants to give her another 2 months before proceeding with surgery.  The goal is to have her hip surgery, nerve test, and spay done at the same time.  Because of her nerve issues, she is at a high risk with the anesthesia.  The lack of nerve causes her mouth to remain open with difficulty breathing under stress.  She is so happy to see you though and will come running with her duck grunting noise.
April’s Cook’s Night Out – Lazy Dog Restaurant – April 25th
Next month our Cook’s Night Out will be at Lazy Dog Restaurant on Wednesday, April 25th  (11 am to 11 pm). They will give us 15% of your receipts.  Please click here for the flyer you need to bring with you.  Please share this with your friends and family.  Take the day/night off cooking and help earn us some money.
For the Animals,
Staci O’Connell
ARV President
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
peewee newsletter
Pet of the Month
He was born approx November 2016. He has a very unique feature, one blue eye. He is 9 lbs. He is a lap dog, likes playing ball, is affectionate, sweet, loving, and will be your shadow. He is active and plays with other dogs. He gets very attached to one person in the home and gets protective of that person. He needs a home with a single person. He was rescued from the shelter after being picked up as a stray and then adopted 2 times and returned back to the shelter 2 times.
  Lazy Dog newsletter     
Cook's Night Out
April 25, 2018
Lazy Dog, 172 W. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks
Wednesday, April 25th, 11 am to 11 pm
Enjoy a day/night off while raising much needed funds for ARV. Take the flyer to the Lazy Dog in Thousand Oaks and ARV will receive 15% of your total bill.

Click here for Flyer

 Molly Buddy newsletter 

Success Story
Buddy & Molly
By Kayla (Foster)
When we got a call from the shelter about a dog, we knew we had to help.  The call was about Molly, a one year old Beagle/Basset mix who was very pregnant. It is crucial for pregnant dogs to get out of the shelter before they give birth because the puppies can get very sick in the shelter.  We soon learned that Molly had come into the shelter with a one year old male Beagle/Basset mix, Buddy, presumably the father of her puppies.  We try our best to hold to the "no family left behind" ideal, and happily we were able to rescue both of them. 

Soon after settling in at home, Molly gave birth to five beautiful puppies.  We were able to get some adorable family shots of Buddy and Molly with the puppies.  Molly nursed the puppies for eight weeks until they could be weaned and adopted out.  One by one, her puppies were adopted into loving forever homes. Buddy and Molly loved each other very much, so we decided to make them a bonded pair.  We knew they needed to find a special forever home together. Happily, that amazing family came when Monika and Allix walked in the door.  Thank you so much Monika and Allix for giving Buddy, renamed Mr. Darcy, and Molly, renamed Bennet (from Pride and Prejudice), the wonderful forever home they deserve, together!
  Molly Buddy_edited-1  
Photo: Allix holding Bennet, Monika holding Mr. Darcy, and Sacha
not shown Aiden
  Dog Adoption Locations
Dog Adoption in Simi Valley
Every Saturday
 (except for holiday weekends) 
11 am to 3 PM at R & R Pet Lifestyle and Supply
2780 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley, Click here for map
Dog Adoption in Thousand Oaks

1st Sunday of every month
(except for holiday weekends) Noon to 3 pm
Unleashed by Petco,

475 East Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, Click here for map

Please email in advance to confirm
a particular pet will be at the adoption event.
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