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    Newsletter for the Performance Marketing Community           January 27, 2012

7 Things You Need To Know Today

This week we saw that Apple's profits are bigger than Google's revenues, that Kim Tim Jim Investor likes giraffes and that there might be $100 billion in a chest at the end of the online gambling rainbow.

Some of our favorite links this week:

Mr Waledac: The Peter North of Spamming

The always reliable Brian Krebs with an amazing story of Russian spammers, huge botnets and oddly named pwnsters.


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US Mobile Ad Spending Soars Past Expectations
eMarketer revises estimates of mobile marketing up to $2.6 Billion:


Building Links & Driving Traffic with How To Posts
Michael Wolf tells you what you need to know:


$100 Billion Opportunity When Online Gambling is Legalized
Online gambling may soon be legalized once again if initiatives currently in Congress come to fruition. If that happens, many affiliates and networks will celebrate; and Facebook and Zynga's revenues will grow like crazy.


Apple's Profits Are Bigger Than Google's Revenues
Apple is now worth twice as much as Google. In fact, in the last quarter, Apple's profits were $13 billion. This is 22% more than Google's entire 


Our 5 Favorite Facts About The Megaupload FBI Bust
#1 The Name is Investor. Kim Tim Jim Investor Kim Dotcom was born Kim Schmitz, but before changing his name to Kim Dotcom he went by the moniker of Kim Tim Jim Investor - possibly 

Google Won't Tell You If It's Going to Punish You 
Google's latest search engine change, known as the "page layout algorithm", is now in effect. It down-ranks websites which dedicate, "a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads." How much real estate is too much? 


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