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May/June 2015
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Calling All VHR Users...
Watch for a new, improved query portal - after six years of steadfast service, the VHR will be retired.
RHIO Explore will soon go live - offering regional health care providers access to comprehensive patient health data.
There are many new features in Explore, including compatibility with most browsers, the option to view patient data by encounter, and customizable screen layouts.  Clinical users will also be able to search for and sort all the imaging studies available for a specific patient through an HIE Worklist.
We think the most significant change will be the ability for physician practices to send data to the health information exchange.  By sharing Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), Explore users will benefit from a more complete picture of a patient's medical history.


Training for Explore
Current VHR users will be notified throughout this summer about the details of transitioning to Explore.  (Users will continue to have VHR access throughout the transition.)
All users will need to complete training for Explore.  We will offer several options for training:
  • Onsite
  • Webinar Sessions
  • Self-Guided Computer Based 

RHIO: The Music Video... some fun from HealtheConnections (the Syracuse RHIO)

RHIO: A Dream Come True 

New Patient Brochures
We have completed an update of many RHIO materials, including the Patient Brochure that helps practices educate their patients about consent for the RHIO.  Click here to see a preview! 

The new version is now being delivered when brochures are requested.

HIPAA Compliance Training
The RHIO now offers our participants HIPAA Compliance Training.  The RHIO's Privacy Officer, Amy Warner, esq. will host a new series of webinars focusing on HIPAA compliance requirements, to help practices fulfill their requirement for annual HIPAA compliance training.
Choose one of these HIPAA training sessions:  10/15 at 8am, 10/15 at noon, 10/20 at noon, or 10/20 at 4pm. Users can register for these events beginning in September 2015. 

All Rochester RHIO participants are eligible for DIRECT services at no cost.  This secure messaging tool is used throughout the region.. and the country.. to send and receive clinical information, including referrals, discharge documents and clinical communication.  More than 10,000 clinical messages were sent using Rochester RHIO's DIRECT services in May 2015.  Click here for more information.

We are looking forward to assisting the Finger Lakes PPS DSRIP organization (known as FLPPS) meet their new interoperability requirements.   As PPS projects and IT needs are more fully defined, the RHIO will work directly with participants to develop the required functionality.  For 2015, the RHIO's DSRIP focus will be to upgrade interfaces with medical providers to support sending patient data from their practice to our health information exchange.
We encourage DSRIP participants who do not yet participate with the Rochester RHIO to contact the RHIO Deployment Team at 1-877-485-7446 so that we can begin discussing the on-boarding process.




Patient Brochure




Snapshot of May 2015:
701 Participating Clinical Practices

5,977 Authorized RHIO Users

55,921 Patient Records Viewed via VHR

612,730 Results Delivered to Practices

5,497,071 Clinical Documents added to the HIE

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