December 2015
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New Study: Rochester RHIO use leads to Cost Savings
A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (Dec. 2015) evaluated the use of a clinical query portal by Rochester RHIO users.  The findings indicate utilization reduces repeat medical imaging which translates into both a cost savings to the healthcare system and better patient care. Click here to read the article.
New Platform Update
In the months since we began rolling out our updated technology platform, we have received many inquiries and valuable comments from RHIO users about the changes that have accompanied it. As we move into 2016, we want to take the time to address some of the most commonly asked about features.
Most users have noticed the more streamlined, intuitive design to the platform, which results in a better overall user experience. Although we lost a few of our former features due to differing system capabilities between the two platforms, we have welcomed several new features in Explore, including:
  • HIE Worklist – Review a list of all diagnostic images available for a patient with just one click, with the option to instantly view these studies.
  • Encounters – View patient data organized by a specific episode of care.
  • CCD - Download a Clinical Care Summary 
In addition, users may notice increased security measures associated with the RHIO system. Data security continues to be a hot topic on both regional and national scales. At the Rochester RHIO, we continuously monitor and evaluate the security of the system and make recommended changes as necessary to improve it. Our requirement to change passwords every 90 days is one way to keep RHIO data secure.
The upgraded platform has resulted in an increased number of inquiries to our customer service department as users navigate and adapt to the new features. Our team is handling a larger volume of help tickets, and at times, responses have been longer than usual. We are working to put new procedures in place to expedite responses in order to better serve our RHIO users.
As always, thank you to all of our users and partners who help make the Rochester RHIO one of the premier health information exchanges in the country. We constantly strive to do everything we can to provide you with the patient data you need, when you need it. Please continue to let us know whenever there is something which we can improve upon by contacting 877-865-RHIO or

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

According to the population health model developed by the University of Wisconsin for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, clinical care contributes to only 20% to overall health outcomes. The remaining 80% of factors are social and economic (40%), health behaviors (30%) and physical environment (10%)...and it is regional CBO's that provide the services that address these non- clinical factors that impact population health.
NYS  DSRIP recognizes the potential of CBOs to play an important role in decreasing hospital and ED admissions by 25% within 5 years.  The social determinants of health are fundamental to improving the outcomes of medical interventions, and CBO's are well positioned to deliver the services that focus social, economic, behavioral and environmental factors that impact population health.
CBO's vary in their approach to service delivery, some using a  medical model and others organized as a social/community service.  The RHIO is working closely with the regional DSRIP programs, such as FLPPS, to engage CBO's in  health information exchange services, such as secure messaging and clinical event notification(Alerts).
If you are a community based organization and want more information about RHIO services please contact the Rochester RHIO at (877) 865-RHIO or at 



- Impact of HIE utilization

- New Platform Update

- Community Based         Organizations

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