October 2016
 RHIO Report | Better Information for Better Patient Care 

In this report: 6 announcements

  • Rochester RHIO celebrates 10 years of better information for better patient care
  • Important: Don't get locked out of your account!
  • RHIO's executive leaders attend national SHIEC conference
  • Update your contact information to streamline communication
  • RHIO joins FLPPS in presenting at NYS DSRIP Learning Symposium
  • Meet our employees: Joseph Di Piazza

Rochester RHIO celebrates 10 years of better information for better patient care

Rochester RHIO is celebrating a milestone as a regional health information organization (RHIO). It has been 10 years since Rochester RHIO was founded in 2006. In the world of health information technology (HIT), a decade is a long time!

In our 10 years serving our community, Rochester RHIO has evolved from a nascent organization that existed only on paper to a high-powered, secure health information exchange (HIE) offering over a dozen services to the health care community. The RHIO’s community health information exchange first launched in 2008 with five practices and 26 physicians participating. Now, there are nearly 1,500 participant organizations and over 3,400 physicians. At first, the RHIO serviced nine counties, but it has expanded to 13 counties in New York State. Rochester RHIO became a certified qualified entity (QE) of the New York State Information Health Network, also known as the SHIN-NY.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, the RHIO is launching a strategic, educational campaign this fall called, “Partnering with You to Transform Health Care.” After all, the RHIO is the conduit, but it’s the clinicians, the participants, and the data contributors who make the everyday difference in patient care.

The campaign will focus on creating greater awareness about the positive impact that community HIE services make in support of high quality health care in our community. It will also include Deployment Coordinator “office hours” at various facilities across our 13-county region, and a data poster that demonstrates the value and power behind Rochester RHIO services. In addition, Rochester RHIO will release a special, commemorative edition of this year’s annual report. The campaign will continue into 2017.

Important: Don't get locked out of your account!

Once a year, RHIO users are required to “refresh” their annual training due to state requirements. It is important for users to continue to have a keen understanding of consent and how to navigate Explore, DIRECT, and other RHIO services. The Rochester RHIO offers three different training options to help users meet this requirement.

Option 1 Self-Directed: Complete an Online Training Module located under the Training tab inside the Provider Portal. Click “Begin the online training module: ‘Introducing RHIO Explore’”. After you complete the training, you must verify that you have taken the course. Do that by clicking “I attest that I have completed the online training module…”

Option 2 Onsite training: RHIO participants can also complete the training requirements by scheduling onsite training with their Deployment Coordinator. This is a great option if there are several new users who also need to complete the requirement, or if there are questions about the application in general. This training provides users a very personal experience.

Option 3 Webinar Training: RHIO participants can register for a webinar to complete the requirement. Deployment Coordinators lead the Explore webinar trainings and offer a more personal touch to completing the course. They also are available to answer any questions. It’s the best of both worlds with the convenience of completing the training online, but with a more personal touch of a trainer explaining the information. There are three more Explore webinars available in November. Webinars are offered quarterly and the schedule for 2017 will be posted in January.

RHIO's executive leaders attend national SHIEC conference

Jill Ramesh SHIEC 2016 2
The Rochester RHIO hit the road for the 2016 Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) Conference, which was held in Arizona. Executive Director Jill Eisenstein and IT Director Ramesh Sridharan attended along with over 200 leaders from over 40 regional and community health information exchanges (HIEs) from across the country. Sridharan presented at the conference on the benefits of community provider directories, and leveraging them as a single source of provider information.

Update your contact information to streamline communication

Rochester RHIO wants to ensure that we have the right contacts to notify participants when performing system updates or maintenance; and when providing new services or enhancements to existing services. In order to verify that notices are delivered to the appropriate people, we are asking for your help!

Typically RHIO notices go to assigned RHIO Administrators within organizations. If this method of communication is enough, email verify@grrhio.org with your organization’s name. If additional communication is preferred, email verify@grrhio.org with:

- Your organization’s name

- Distribution email addresses managed by your organzation the RHIO should send notices to. For example: "RHIO_Admin@organization.org" or "IT_Staff@organization.org"

The RHIO has enhanced capabilities to tailor messaging to primary contacts at organizations, including different billing contacts, IT contacts, etc. By providing this information, it will streamline communication and ensure the right people are always in the loop regarding RHIO upgrades and service enhancements.

RHIO joins FLPPS in presenting at NYS DSRIP Learning Symposium

The Rochester RHIO joined FLPPS in presenting at the Second Annual New York State DSRIP Learning Symposium in September. The event was hosted by the Department of Health in Syracuse. RHIO Community Services Director Denise DiNoto was invited by FLPPS Sr. Director of IT & Analytics Jose Rosario to talk about the RHIO/FLPPS partnership.

Meet our employees: Joseph Di Piazza

Joe Di Piazza_newsletter size 2
Job Title: Senior Deployment Coordinator

Years with RHIO: 8.2 years

What do you do day-to-day? I talk with the community about the Rochester RHIO: our services, their benefits, and how they can impact daily workflow in a positive way.

What do you love about your job? I enjoy meeting new people and introducing new technologies to organizations that managed their workflow on paper—showing them the immediate benefits of transitioning to a secure, electronic environment. I love that the patients in our community also see the benefits: reducing unnecessary duplicate testing, giving providers a more well-rounded view of previous healthcare, faster implementation of care plans, and more.

Anytime a practice tells me they spend less time tracking down test results, or that they can’t imagine not having RHIO services to help in their daily workflow, it’s a memorable experience.

What did you do before you came to the RHIO? For eight years, I worked at Thomson Reuters Legal Publishing where I maintained law libraries for private practices and colleges throughout the country. I then transitioned into a training position where I helped acclimate staff to their new job roles.

Favorite food: Any seafood on the menu.

Outside of work: Mountain biking, reading, and flying drones and quadcopters.

Join a RHIO workgroup!

To improve communication channels, RHIO will be scheduling quarterly workgroup meetings for the following parties:

- EHR Vendors: To collaborate on HIT changes and upgrades impacting joint customers

- Data Contributors: To collaborate on regional data normalization and results delivery

For those interested in learning more, or to participate, send your contact information to rhioworkgroups@grrhio.org by Wednesday, Nov. 9, and a team member will reach out.

In the News

RHIO’s Executive Director Jill Eisenstein won Technology Leader at the Digital Rochester GREAT Awards ceremony. Read more from the Rochester Business Journal: Digital Rochester announces finalists of GREAT Awards.

Health Data Management: Rochester RHIO able to record patients' end-of-life decisions

Fall Training

Our 2016 online training series continues with HIPAA webinars. Sign up for a session!

HIPAA Training Sessions   Tues., October 18 - 8 am
Thurs., October 20 - 12 pm
Thurs., October 20 - 4 pm
Explore Refresher Training
Tues., November 15 - 8 am
Tues., November 15 - 12 pm
Thurs., November 17 - 4 pm




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