Step Two - Review New Features of RHIO Explore
August 2015
RHIO Report | Better Information for Better Patient Care

Step One: RHIO Explore Training
All VHR users need to complete Explore training before transferring to RHIO Explore. (Users will continue to have access to the VHR until they have completed their move to Explore.)
Organizations can choose from these options for Explore training: 
  • A new computer-based-training (CBT) module for Explore users: a 10 minute tutorial available through the Provider Portal.  After the attesting to completing the CBT, users will have access to Explore within one business day.
  • RHIO Deployment staff can provide on-site training. To schedule, contact your Deployment Coordinator directly or our Support Center at: 1-877-56-7446 or
  • On-site training by RHIO staff: scheduled to meet the needs of practices
  • Introduction to RHIO Explore webinar: Register Today!  
Webinars:  Starting in September, the RHIO will offer a series of webinar training for Explore users.  Our RHIO Deployment staff will present these 30 minute webinars, followed by optional Q&A.
To register, click on one of the registration links below to choose a webinar session. You will be prompted to log in to the Provider Portal, and then redirected to a registration page.  
Consent Only Users:  For users who process patient consent, and do not have access to clinical data, please choose one of the 3 three webinar sessions specifically targeted for "Consent Only Users".

Introducing RHIO Explore
September 15th at 4 pm      Click Here to Register for session 1'
September 16th at 8 am      Click Here to Register for Session 2'
September 16th at 12 pm    Click Here to Register for Session 3'
September 17th at 4 pm      Click Here to Register for Session 4'
September 22nd at 12 pm   Click Here to Register for Session 5'
September 28th at 8 am      Click Here to Register for Session 7'
October 2nd at 10 am         Click Here to Register for Session 8'
October 2nd at 12 pm         Click Here to Register for Session 9'
October 2nd at 2 pm           Click Here to Register for Session 10'

Introducing RHIO Explore for Consent Only users
September 18th at Noon          Click Here to Register
September 23rd at 11:30 am   Click Here to Register
September 30th at Noon          Click Here to Register

Step Two: Review New Features of RHIO Explore
Rochester RHIO's upgrade to Explore comes with several new features:
  • View patient data organized by encounter.  For an inpatient stay, for example, all the tests, reports and providers associated with that encounter will be available in one location.
  • Review a list of all the radiology images associate with a patient, with the option to choose up to four images to compare. 
  • In the next few months, Explore will also include data contributed by physician practices including problem lists, medication history and procedure
We are making RHIO DIRECT even more easy to use

Single sign on: In the next few weeks, users will log in once to the RHIO's Provider Portal to access Explore or your RHIO Direct account.  And, it's available to Rochester RHIO participants at no charge.
Staff News
We are pleased to announce that Nan Brunette, the RHIO's long time Executive Assistant, is moving to our Deployment Team as Deployment Coordinator.
And, we welcome two new staff members:

Heidi Farrington has joined the RHIO team as Executive Assistant.

Renee Graham is on board as one of our RHIO Deployment Coordinators.

Upcoming Events
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