November, 2015
RHIO Report | Better Information for Better Patient Care

More than 1500 clinicians and staff have completed Explore training.   Have you?
The RHIO's new and improved clinical query portal is live.  All VHR users need to complete Explore Training before transferring to RHIO Explore. We will be retiring the RHIO VHR on December 4, 2015. Any remainng VHR users will no longer have access to the VHR after that date

For those who have yet to complete Explore training, choose ONE of these option:
  • Take the new self-directed, computer based module (10 minutes).  Sign into the provider portal. Click on the Training Tab.
  • Schedule on-site training by RHIO staff. Contact Deployment Coordinator directly or our Customer Support Center at 1.877.865.7445
Interested in learning more about RHIO Explore?  Check it out!

EWBC Images now in RHIO Image Exchange
RHIO users are viewing 38% more images than last year.  And now, studies from the Elizabeth Wende Breast Center are viewable in Explore, the RHIO's clinical query portal.  Explore users simply retrieve an imaging report and then click on the link for the associated image. 
Explore also offers users the option to review a worklist of all the images available for a specific patient, and to then choose up to 4 studies to compare.
For those who have Image Enabled Result Delivery (IERD), images from EWBC will be included in Image Enabled Results Delivery in the New Year.
Rochester RHIO's Image Enabled Result Deliver (IERD) delivers images to providers by embedding links to the associated images in reports delivered via MyResults Delivered service. To learn more about Rochester RHIO’s Image Enabled Result Delivery (IERD) Click Here!
Rochester RHIO and the Finger Lakes PPS
Rochester RHIO staff continues to join the FLPPS team in meeting with FLPPS NOCN groups and FLPPS participants throughout our region.  Gloria Hitchcock, Director of Care Improvement Initiatives at the RHIO, is usually in attendance at these meetings to answer questions about connectivity requirements and the role of the RHIO in DSRIP.  Please contact the RHIO at or 1.877.865.7446 with questions about RHIO connectivity for FLPPS participants. 

 Looking Ahead
We have nearly finished our Health Information Exchange (HIE) Platform upgrade.  Now the RHIO team is poised to jump into many new projects that will add essential data to the HIE, expand the range of participating organizations and create new functionality to improve healthcare delivery in the region. Here is just a sample of some of our projects for 2016:
  • Enhancements to the Explore clinical query portal in 2016, including a statewide patient data query, document forwarding, and more patient data.
  • Connectivity for participants to send practice level data to the HIE.
  • Support for community transformation initiatives, such as the FLPPS projects.

Your Deployment Coordinator

The RHIO staff has expanded our Deployment staff to better meet the needs of our participants.  We have grown from 2 to 5 Deployment Coordinators. In the coming weeks, we will publish a guide to the territories that each of our coordinators will cover... making is easier for you to reach out for the RHIO support that meets your practice's needs.



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