Creating Families At Thanksgiving

As any American who is spending Thanksgiving outside of the US knows, it's important make family even where you don't have one. The elephants of Samburu, where the ivory poaching crisis has left one in five families without a mature female to lead them, have also learnt this lesson. As STE's George Wittemyer and his graduate student explain in this BBC feature article, the range of adaptations that the orphans use to create a family in the face of their traumatic loss is truly impressive. Thanks to Singer Rankin and her WWW foundation for sponsoring this STE research!

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Tanzania's Elephants Plunderers Revealed 

Early this year we shared the devastating results of the latest census of the Selous National Reserve in Tanzania, where an estimated 67 per cent of the elephant population had been lost in just four years. This month the Environmental Investigation Agency released their report into those who perpetrated and profited from the industrial-scale slaughter. The work names and shames some of the corrupt officials and organised crime kingpins from both Africa and China. The news went far and wide and featured in most major news outlets. Here is what the Economist had to say. 

Will Bees Help Uganda?

When two members of Uganda's parliament were dispatched to learn how best to deal with the problem of conflict between Humans and Elephants, they chose to visit STE's Elephants and Bees Research Centre in Tsavo, Kenya, to learn all about how beehive fences could be part of the solution.

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Forging a Future for Eles

This month two big meetings were held with consequences for elephants. In Tanzania, countries concerned with the ivory trade agreed on measures to combat wildlife crime. In Sydney's World Parks Congress, 170 nations met to discuss the future of protected areas. STE's Ben Okita reports back here.

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Cattle Rustling Revival

The arrival of the rains brought a resurgence in the unwelcome tradition of cattle-rustling to Samburu. Tribes that live in alongside each other in harmony for most of the year were suddenly riven apart as old rivalries were exposed afresh. STE's research centre was briefly filled with refugees...

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African Safari 3D

When Mara (Dudu) Douglas-Hamilton, daugher of STE founder Iain, played on-screen host in a big-budget 3D tour of Africa, little did she realise the film's conservation potential. Now the film is out in all Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, and social media is abuzz with the message #TakeNoIvoryHome!

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