elephant poaching
Surge in Illegal Killing of Elephants

The new year started with tragedy when one of the bulls monitored by Save the Elephants (STE), Changila, was gunned down just outside Samburu National Reserve. At the end of the month Philo, a quiet and trusting young male, was shot inside Buffalo Springs Reserve, bringing the tally in our region to around 30 in the past two months. The current crisis extends across Kenya and East Africa. Central Africa’s elephants are in even more danger. We believe the final solution lies in a concerted effort by individuals, governments, and NGOs to reduce demand for ivory.

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Great Tuskers
Save the Great Tuskers Campaign

This month we launched a new campaign: Save the Great Tuskers. Less than 100 of these magnificent bulls are thought to remain. Targeted for their huge ivory, without dedicated efforts these bulls may disappear forever. Our first initiative just lifted off in Tsavo, home to some of Kenya’s biggest tuskers. We are working in partnership with The Tsavo Trust and funding their aerial anti-poaching operations. We also fitted a tracking device to a big tusker in the Maasai Mara this month. The more we understand their behaviour, the better we can protect them.

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Changing Minds

Turkana children connected with their elephant brothers and sisters for the first time this month. Despite living close to wild herds many know elephants only from stories of encounters gone wrong. Disney’s Jo Soltis and STE’s education team took them for a close encounter to see if fear could turn to admiration.

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Poaching and society
Poaching & Society

A landmark new study by STE has revealed the impacts of poaching on elephant society. Older animals are now rare, females outnumber bulls by two to one and one in five families are now without a matriarch to lead them. The situation is undoubtedly worse in more vulnerable populations across Africa.

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STE is sending a crack team to fight for the elephants at the upcoming CITES Conference. In Bangkok in March, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Festus Ihwagi and Lucy King will be joined by our new Ivory Crisis Strategist, Kathleen Gobush. The world will be watching, thanks to widespread uproar over poaching.

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Mali elephants
Mali's Wanderers

New research showed that Mali’s desert elephants range over a larger area than any other known population in their search for food and water. They face searing temperatures, dust storms – and now war. Rebel militias and airstrikes threaten the migration paths that are the secret of their survival.

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