Collaborating On Important Corridors Report

Wildlife must move to survive and in an increasingly crowded Kenya, corridors will be critical. Save The Elephants has collaborated with other wildlife partners and the Ministry of Environment on an ambitious report identifying Kenya’s most important wildlife corridors. Using satellite tracking, STE identified and mapped essential corridors and dispersal areas in northern Kenya, Tsavo and in the Mara. The report will help protect Kenya to plan her landscapes while conserving natural ecosystems. We are proud to be part of the coalition forging a path towards a biodiversity-rich modern Kenya.

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Investigation Reveals Major Smuggling Hub 

Ivory smugglers are getting rich on the back of dead elephants. A three-year investigation in which Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) undercover operatives embedded themselves into a Chinese-led criminal network, funded by the Elephant Crisis Fund, has found that a little-known town in Southern China has become a major hub for ivory smuggling. The EIA says 10-20 ivory trafficking groups have been operating out of Shuidong in Guandong province near Hong Kong. Investigators posed as buyers to win the trust of the smuggling group and tracked one of its shipments from Mozambique.

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Finding Ottoman 

Last week the STE team were conducting an aerial survey of remote Northern Kenya when they made a surprise discovery. Grazing with a group of elephants was the long lost matriarch - the one-tusked Ottoman presumed dead after going missing for a year and a half. Her discovery was not only a great relief to STE but also raises interesting questions about elephant behaviour. 

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Ivory Ella Reunion!

One of our biggest donors, Ivory Ella, was reunited with Lorubae Primary School students during a return visit to Samburu. Last year, Ivory Ella helped fund a fence around the school to keep its students safe. This trip, students said thanks by singing songs, before going to see elephants in the reserve. Education is critical for the future of elephants and Ivory Ella is a powerful ally in this work! 

Run for Elephants 

We are thrilled to announce that Save The Elephants is the main beneficiary of this year’s Saving The Elephants 2017 10k Run/Walk to be held in New York’s Central Park on Saturday, November 18th.  Registration for the event is open - please sign up if you fancy taking part for elephants! There are some amazing prizes for the top fundraiser up for grabs, and a great day out in the park.

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Elephant, meet beehive 

The success of STE’s Elephants and Bees project is being felt in 9 countries across Africa and now beyond, in Asia. The Phuleung Wildlife Research Station in Thailand has built several beehive fences using Dr Lucy King's manual, and are seeing excellent results. Watch this film to see the fascinating reaction of Asian elephants when they encounter the beehive fence. 

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