Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton with Hillary Clinton
Clinton Weighs in for Elephants

The political momentum on the elephant crisis continued this month as our CEO Iain Douglas-Hamilton was called back to New York by the Wildlife Conservation Society to meet with Secretary Hillary Clinton and 12 leading conservation organisations. The meeting aimed to unite leading US NGOs as a first step before reaching out to wider African representation.  All agreed to work together to stop the killing, stop the trade, stop the demand for ivory.  The Clinton Global Initiative have committed to helping achieve these aims. Following President Obama’s Executive Order this is another significant US commitment to help elephants.

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Seizure in Hong Kong
Atom Bombs to the Rescue!

A new method for dating elephant tusks has been established that should make it easier to enforce the current worldwide ban on ivory.  Kevin Uno & Thure Cerling, with co-authors including STE and the Kenya Wildlife Service, showed that ivory can be accurately dated thanks to the nuclear bomb tests of the 1950s and 60s. Plants absorb radioactive carbon as they grow, and when eaten by an elephant this carbon is then laid down in its tusks. The amount of radioactive carbon 14 in the air drops by a predictable amount every year allowing tusks to be dated. This provides a valuable tool for telling whether ivory is pre-ban, and therefore legal, or illegal.

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Elephant honey
Elephant Honey

We are delighted to report that the first ever 7.5kgs of delicious Mozambican “Elephant-Friendly Honey” has been produced by our trial Beehive Fence farmers living in Niassa National Reserve in northern Mozambique! Now the farmers can experience this additional, money-making aspect to the fence design at first hand.

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Old dogs, new tricks
Old dog, New Tricks

STE’s Jerenimo Lepirei returned fired up from his Wildlife Leadership course in the US. Immediately he launched an outreach project that is already bearing fruit. One of the first meetings saw 9 ivory poachers renounce their life of crime in front of rangers and vow to spread the word to others to protect elephants, not kill them.

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Naming Elephants
Naming Elephants

Elephants have characters and need names, not numbers. STE names study animals in family themes and honorific titles that inspired intern Gabriella Russell to literary greatness. Meanwhile Dr George Wittemyer traces the late Bonsai’s intricate family history in a moving eulogy to a much-loved elephant.

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Living with eles
Living with Eles

The schoolchildren of Samburu have given a resounding chorus of support for the elephants they live among. They wrote letters for the Kenyan president that were presented to his wife at an ivory campaign launch in Nairobi, and showed their support for Celia Ho, a fellow schoolchild from Hong Kong who is also devoted to elephants.

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