Losing Generosity

We sadly lost one of our most beloved and well known wild elephants, a gentle and intelligent matriarch called Generosity (35) in May. Generosity, leader of one of the Virtues sub-families and a mother to a four year old calf,  was found in Samburu National Reserve struggling to breath and unable to get up. On close inspection it was noted she had a badly infected gunshot wound in the back of her right front leg – likely the result of Human/Wildlife conflict. Her death is believed to have been caused by the associated infection spreading through her body.

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How Elephants Mirror Humans 

Elephants are about as unrelated to human beings as any mammal can be, but nevertheless seem to have evolved intelligence, says The Economist magazine in an in-depth feature this week that explores Save The Elephants’ work to understand the complex structures of elephant society, and the impacts of poaching. “Losing even one example of how intelligence comes about and makes its living in the wild would not only be a shame in its own right, it would also diminish the ability of biologists of the future to understand the process, and thus how it happened to human beings.” 

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Radio Carbon Dating 

A new study, funded by Save The Elephants, has shown how radio active carbon dating from Cold War hydrogen bomb tests, combined with genetic analysis of elephant tusks, can yield valuable clues as to when and where elephants are poached, ultimately pinpointing hotspots where illegal ivory is trafficked. 

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New Tracking App

A new technology is helping protect the wild. The ‘Domain Awareness System’ (DAS) - powered by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc - extends the elephant tracking system built by STE into a platform to track animals, rangers, vehicles, aircraft, sensors and intelligence reports. This 3-minute film reveals more.

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Congolese Killer Jailed

Notorious Congolese elephant poacher and ivory trafficker Daring Dissaka has been imprisoned for 5 years - a big step forward in dismantling the ivory trade in the central African country. The Elephant Crisis Fund alongside other wildlife organisations supported the WCS Congo's wildlife crime unit.

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Fashion for Elephants 

Save The Elephants' founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton was celebrated for ‘outstanding efforts’ in elephant conservation at a star-studded event in London. The event, in support of the Elephant Crisis Fund, was co-hosted by Porter magazine and supermodel Doutzen in partnership with Tiffany and Co.

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