Jumbo Justice for the Elephants

The most serious ivory trafficker yet to be caught in Kenya has been sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined 200,000 dollars. Feisal Ali Mohammed was arrested by Interpol in December 2014 and ever since Elephant Crisis Fund grantee WildlifeDirect have been pushing to ensure justice is served. The case - a key test for the nation's reformed wildlife laws - sends a strong message to those still involved in ivory crime while WildlifeDirect's 'eyes in the courtroom' programme works to tackle the corruption that can allow criminals to escape the law. 

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A New Haven for Congo's Elephants 

Deep in the troubled forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo there is new hope for wildlife. For the first time in 40 years the government has declared the establishment of a new National Park. The new Lamomi National Park is home to some 500 forest elephants, bonobos, okapis and the Lomami red colobus among other wildlife that have benefitted from almost a decade's work by Elephant Crisis Fund grantees the Lukuru Foundation. The Foundation also recently helped bring five members of the Congolese military to trial for wildlife crime.  

Vietnam's  Ivory Trade Threatens Elephants

STE have published an eye-opening report on Vietnam's illegal ivory trade. Funded by the Elephant Crisis Fund, ivory researchers Lucy Vigne and Esmond Martin discovered dramatic increases in the number of pieces for retail sale in Vietnam and the number of artisans being involved. 

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Ivory Ella Meet Elephants

Ivory Ella are in Kenya! Online retailers with a mission to help save elephants, Ivory Ella donate a whopping 10% of their net profits to the cause. This week they came to Samburu to see first hand the work they are supporting with the sales of their fantastic elephant t-shirts. Watch their experiences here!

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DiCaprio Pledges Support

STE was honoured to represent elephants at the 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala in St Tropez. Acknowledging the success of the Elephant Crisis Fund, the Foundation pledged another $1 million towards the ECF, and used it as a model for the Lion Recovery Fund that they launched at the event.

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Communities Vow to End Killings

An outbreak of elephant poaching struck the Matthews Range in northern Kenya, prompting an urgent gathering of elders (see movie).  Further south in the Masai Mara, even the concerted efforts of the Mara Elephant Project could not save a notorious crop raider from a poisoned arrow.

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