Saving Shaba: Rescue of an Orphan

Last month Rozz, a young female elephant from the Poetics family, was shot dead near Shaba National Reserve in northern Kenya. Rangers recovered the tusks, but have yet to find the culprits. Rozz left two daughters, one of whom was too young to survive in the wild. Rozz's elder sister rejoined her family. As shown in this moving 4-minute film, the younger, named Shaba, was taken to the new community-run Reteti Elephant Sanctuary that specialises in caring for orphans and releasing them back into the wild.

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DNA Shows Ivory Sales from Fresh Killings 

90% of the smuggled ivory seized by authorities was from elephants that died less than three years ago, research has revealed. Claims that the ivory is from old stockpiles, and therefore not contributing to the dramatic declines in elephant populations across Africa, have been shown to be false, and investigators now have a new tool for exposing traffckers. Lead researcher Thure Cerling, an isotope expert, and DNA investigator Sam Wasser partnered on the paper together with STE founder & CEO Iain Douglas-Hamilton

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Vietnam Talks Tusks 

Vietnam - one of the biggest ivory markets in the world, according to our recent report - hosted the third Illegal Wildlife Trade conference this month. STE was there, along with over 40 nations, to discuss how to help Vietnam in its pledge to crack down on the trade. A series of new seizures have been made.

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Dogs of Zimbabwe

Man’s best friend arrived  to boost rangers efforts in anti-poaching in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe. This new canine unit was made possible by the support of the Elephant Crisis Fund. Since it began operating in Dec 2015, there have been 10 successful prosecutions and the rangers are now upbeat.

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Spotlight on Ivory

The powerful new film The Ivory Game lays bare the dark underworld of the ivory trade in Africa and the Far East. The film, produced by Vulcan and Netflix, features the work of many Elephant Crisis Fund grantees as they fight to catch those who are profiting most from the slaughter of Africa's wildlife.

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Crisis Fund in 2016 

Three years in and the impact of our Elephant Crisis Fund, run jointly with the Wildlife Conservation Network, is being felt across Africa and in nations where ivory is sold. With 45 partners conducting 114 projects in 25 countries, we're making progress. Read our 2016 Year End report to learn more.

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