Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra
Elephants Top the Agenda as CITES Begins

The fate of Africa’s elephants has dominated the opening of the 16th Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in Bangkok. Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, caused headlines with her opening pledge to end her nation’s domestic trade. The move came amid intense media and diplomatic pressure and was widely welcomed. Meanwhile STE’s crack team has begun working the corridors of power. Their mission is to create a consensus around the need to reduce global demand for ivory and to vault any obstacles that may be preventing this from forming.

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Wild Orphans
Investigating the Lives of Wild Orphans

Across Africa poaching is leaving thousands of young elephants without mature females to lead them. Samburu – where the family histories of 1,000 individual elephants are known but where one in five families is now without a matriarch – is the best place in the world to study how these orphans cope. Some find a relation who will take them in, others team up with age-mates or even go it alone. Colorado State University PhD candidate Shifra Goldenberg will be investigating their survival strategies over the coming months and years, giving a unique window into their lives.

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Great Tuskers
Tsavo's Great Tusker 

Save the Great Tuskers aerial patrols have been successfully assisting the Kenya Wildlife Service during our first full month of operations in Tsavo. Construction of a hangar to protect the fabric of the supercub anti-poaching aircraft from sun and rain is complete. With the team now in place, we’re seeking funds to keep them there.

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Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Ivory & Insecurity Event

Mid-February saw the British High Commission and STE host a high level diplomatic event, “Ivory & Insecurity”. More than 160 diplomats, lawmakers, businessmen and conservationists attended. Aside from the hosts, the UK Minister for Natural Resources and the CITES Secretary General also spoke up for the elephants.

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School students
New Student Scholars

Save the Elephants’ Education Programme continues apace with the intake of seven more young scholars from the schools near Samburu National Reserve, funded by the Handsel Foundation. Four other elephant-funded students who have recently passed their high school exams are now preparing for higher education.

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Dr Lucy King
The Buzz around Lucy

Dr. Lucy King’s tower of awards continued its inexorable rise in February as she collected the prestigious Future for Nature Award for her Elephants & Bees Project. The €50,000 prize was given by Jane Goodall at a ceremony in Arnhem, Holland. Lucy plans to put the money towards a much-needed new project vehicle.

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