Powerful Partnerships

There’s no sign of relief for the elephants that roam Africa’s wild places. But while the killing for ivory appears unabated, the political momentum is building. A global coalition is coming together as individuals, scientists, NGOs and governments unite behind the need to save elephants. The importance of these alliances is hard to overstate. The consensus convened through the work of figureheads such as Prince William,  Prince Harry and Hillary Clinton is a powerful driver of political will. Now is the time to translate this into actions that will change the fate of Africa’s elephants.

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Crisis Fund
The Elephant Crisis Fund

At the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)’s annual Expo in San Francisco, Iain Douglas-Hamilton formally launched the STE/WCN Elephant Crisis Fund. This fast, catalytic source of finance will harness STE’s unrivalled experience in Africa to WCN’s efficient & flexible support to produce action where – and when – it is needed most. The fund aims to distribute $5m over the next 3 years to stop poachers, thwart traffickers or end demand for ivory. New donations to the ECF over $5,000 can be directed towards one of these programmes, and will be matched, doubling their impact.

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On The March

Concerned citizens of the world united across 15 cities and 24 other locations on the 4th October to demand action to end the slaughter of Africa’s elephants. From 10,000 people on the streets of Arusha in Tanzania to Hollywood celebrities making speeches in New York’s Times Square, we hope this marks a new dawn of awareness about the impacts of the ivory trade.

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Mt. Bull Collaring
Collaring A Legend

Mountain Bull found celebrity thanks to the BBC’s Secret Life of Elephants, but among the foothills of Mount Kenya he’s long been a famous – and sometimes feared – figure. STE has been tracking him for many years and when the battery on his GPS collar failed, it was time to get up close and personal with this most charismatic of creatures. STE Intern Rebecca Sergeant was there to bear witness.

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Hands Like Houses Band
Band Aid For Elephants

Not every rumbling bassline in the Kenyan bush is an elephant… this month Australian hit rock band Hands Like Houses came to visit the elephants of Samburu. With their sights set on stardom they were seeking a cause on which to focus their future fortunes. These days elephants need new fans as much as rock stars, and we very much hope to hear ele-inspired trumpets in the next album produced by the boys!

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Baby Elephant
Samburu Baby Boom

At the beginning of October the First Ladies, one of Samburu’s most popular elephant families, arrived back in the reserve with no fewer than six new babies. Our team were surprised, given that last year saw a record number of births and elephants gestate for almost two years, but this is part of a mini-baby boom that has seen 15 new – and very cute – calves in October-November alone. 

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