Save the Elephants
Counting Elephants in the Selous

Until recently the elephant population of the Selous National Reserve in Tanzania was known to be the second largest in Africa. What the status is now, no-one knows. For years there have been hair-raising stories of ivory poaching and horrifying estimates of the losses, but with no consistent counts conducted since the poaching surge began there is no way to quantify the damage. Governments and international treaties need hard data, so it was a significant step forward when the Tanzanian Government convened a meeting between the Tanzanian Wildlife Department, the Frankfurt Zoological Society and other experts, including STE. The 10-day count is currently scheduled for the end of September.

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Matt collared
Boys Behaving Badly

“Immobility Alert” is an email subject line we all dread. When the tracked elephant concerned is the biggest bull that we monitor in Kenya, whose last recorded movements were on the eve of a full moon and seem to show an injured elephant slowing, the dread is felt deep in our bones. On the 19th August our team, and by extension STE’s growing online community, were all suffering this gnawing emotion as ground teams from the Northern Rangelands Trust and an aircraft from Sarara Camp were dispatched to the last recorded position. The exact details of what happened are still unclear, but not only does the story have a happy ending, it was repeated by another big bull just two days later...

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Sri Lanka elephant
Asian Ele-harmony

African elephants run from the sound of angry bees, making beehive fences a valuable tool for keeping hungry elephants out of small farms. Could Asian elephants also be persuaded to turn away by bees, giving local farmers peace and pots of honey? Dr Lucy King went to Sri Lanka to investigate for the elephants and bees project.

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ivory trinkets
Justice Rings Clear

For too long ivory poachers and traffickers have enjoyed paltry penalties for their crimes. A $350 fine for a consignment worth thousands is no disincentive. Now, thanks to a sustained campaign in Kenya that reached the highest levels of government and judiciary, punishments have begun to be given that better fit the crime.

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Marching for elephants
Marching for Elephants

As awareness of the ongoing elephant poaching crisis increases, citizens of the world are taking to their feet to demonstrate their concern. Prominent among them is Jim Nyamu, aka the Elephant Man, who has made a giant stride over the Atlantic to walk in the USA. On 4th October 15 cities around the world will also host marches.

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Bright Lights Ahead

Another herd of elephant-funded scholars from STE’s education programme are preparing themselves for their final secondary exams. The bright lights of university beckon. The long holiday is over, along with the experiences of a two-week National Sports & Drama festival and a week long National sports contest.

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