Matriach elephant
Taking the Initiative

September saw the launch of an unprecedented alliance to save elephants. The biggest players in elephant conservation have come together under the Clinton Global Initiative to implement a powerful set of programmes to stop poaching, thwart trafficking and end demand for ivory. Save the Elephants is proud to be a partner in all three areas. At the launch in New York, Secretary Clinton voiced concern that alongside the elephants being lost, terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab, with its horrific attack on the mall in Nairobi, are funding their terrorist activities from ivory trafficking. This is a problem for people, not just elephants, she said.

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Text message from China
China Sends the Right Message

Every year Africa welcomes more Chinese nationals. In a significant move to make sure Chinese visitors are aware of local wildlife laws and their own government’s dim view of anyone who breaks them, those arriving at airports in Kenya and elsewhere now receive a detailed SMS message on their phones. “Please do not participate in any illegal poaching activities.  Do not acquire, purchase, use, possess or export any endangered species and related products, especially ivory…” it reads. Ironically, one of the first person we heard who’d received the message was Yao Ming, the man who knows more than most about the impacts of buying ivory.

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20th anniversary logo
20 Years of STE

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for both elephants and STE over the last 20 years since Iain Douglas-Hamilton started Save the Elephants. There have been disasters, victories, losses, and discoveries, but every year we grow stronger and accomplish more. Our 2013 Annual Report, just out, charts some of our headline events so far.

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Crushing Demand

Kenya burnt ivory stockpiles in 1989 and 2011. Gabon burnt hers in 2012. The Philippines destroyed five tons in June this year. Now, on 8th October, the US government intends to crush its six-ton, $12m stockpile of seized ivory. The move signals a new determination to end the poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

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elephant painting
Eye to Eye

Artist Nicola Heath was sickened by the ongoing poaching of elephants, and decided to act in the way she knew best: with her paintbrush. Soon she had created an exhibition whose elephant portraits featured some of the most moving depictions of elephant eyes we’ve ever seen. Last month they were sold in Nairobi for Save the Elephants.

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Kenya mourns
Kenya Mourns

The shock of last month’s terror attack on the Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall is still with us all. Save the Elephants did not lose anyone but our hearts go out to those who did. Tuko pamoja. We are together. Kenya will emerge stronger, united, and more determined than ever to defeat the scourge of fundamentalist terror.


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