United for Wildlfie
London Unites For Wildlife

A quarter of a century ago a meeting in London sparked a transformation in the fate of elephants after an ivory poaching crisis that had halved the number of elephants in Africa. Last month a new gathering in the same city echoed that remarkable event as 46 nations, including China and Vietnam, signed up to the London Declaration to condemn the illegal trade and move to end it. Five African countries – Ethiopia, Chad, Gabon, together with Tanzania and Botswana, home to the Africa’s biggest remaining elephant populations – also pledged not to sell their ivory stockpiles for at least ten years.    

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Tsavo Count 2014
Taking Stock In Tsavo 

Counting a third of Kenya's elephants in one operation is no small challenge, especially in the vast, trackless expanse of Tsavo, Kenya's largest protected area. Save the Elephants joined 16 aircraft and 130 people assembled by the Kenya Wildlife Service to cover the 48,000 square kilometres over four days of flying. We saw numerous babies with every herd and some of the large tuskers for which Tsavo is famous. The last such survey, conducted in 2011, found an estimated 12,500 elephants. This year the provisional results released by KWS suggest that numbers have fallen to around 11,000.

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Elephant Pic
No More Domestic Ivory Trade

As part of its National Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking, the US has announced a domestic ban on commercial trade of elephant ivory.  This is welcome news for African elephants and a boost for the worldwide fight against ivory poachers, smugglers and criminal syndicates.

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Empowering  A Future

Monica, a 19-year old elephant scholarship student from Samburu, hit the papers this week as one of the top ten performers in the number one county in the country. It’s another boost for a programme that has already transformed the prospects for 89 children from elephant habitat in Kenya’s north.

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Ivory Scandal In Uganda

At a time when other African nations are clamping down on ivory crime, a Ugandan judge has shocked the world by ruling that a 3-tonne seizure of smuggled ivory from the Congo should be returned to the traffickers. The decision contravenes numerous international agreements, and is being appealed by the UWA.

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BingBing on Elephants and Ivory
Chinese Star Says No To Ivory - Video

In 2013, Li Bingbing visited Kenya to witness the wonder of wild elephant herds and the horror of poaching on the animal and people that live amongst them. Back in China she launched a social media campaign which galvanised millions of people to join the cause.

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