A Mighty Population Falls

Tanzania revealed the shocking results of an aerial census in the Selous Game Reserve last month. Once host to Africa’s second largest elephant population, estimated elephant numbers have plummeted by 88% in just four decades. Close to 110,000 elephants were counted by Iain Douglas-Hamilton in 1976. Now, only around 13,000 remain. The first step towards addressing such devastation is a credible census to establish the true scale of the problem. Tanzania can now decide how best to focus international support.    

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China Ivory Crush

Demand for ivory is driving a wave of poaching that is pushing many of the continent's elephant populations towards extinction. China has the world's biggest ivory market, but now through increased awareness it also has the opportunity to prevent the loss of the world’s largest land mammal and resolve the ivory crisis.  It was therefore with anticipation and baited breath that the world watched China make its first symbolic gesture in favour of elephants by destroying over six tons of confiscated ivory.

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Pompeii 2
A Dark Cloud Over Christmas

After a tumultuous year, heightened anti-poaching efforts brought a period of relative peace to Samburu. The killing grounds south of the Reserves have been pacified, but we mourn the loss of one young bull called Pompeii, who was shot in December.

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Riding Poachers Out  

STE and local communities are tackling ivory traffickers head on.  After years of aiding and abetting poachers, the new consensus amongst boda boda motorbike taxi drivers, implicated in this heinous illegal trade, is that involvement is now too risky.

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Of  Hope and Orphans

The Planets are amongst the hardest hit of all elephant families in Samburu. Once 35 strong, now just a handful of orphans remain. A distress signal from Luna’s collar made us fear the worst. The team leapt into action, but instead of death new life triumphed!

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Peacing A Community Together

After years of inter-tribal fighting, four communities have joined hands to build their future by protecting the wildlife on their land, which has long been pillaged by poachers. STE joined Nasuulu Conservancy as they broke ground to build the new headquarters!
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