A Sombre Month for Samburu Elephants

In Samburu rains have fallen in the poaching badlands to the south of the Reserves but left the north dry. The elephants know the risk but still follow the food. As we follow them on the ground and via our Google Earth tracking system we keep our anti-poaching partners primed and ready to respond. So far we’ve only lost one to poachers, an old matriarch called Maua. Nature, however, has claimed three other elephants from our study population. Cherie left a 5-month old orphan, Sokotei, who was given a second chance at life after being evacuated to an orphanage.

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Elephants need us
Keep The US Government Strong On Ivory

President Obama’s recent landmark announcement to greatly restrict ivory markets in the US was an important step towards ending the ivory poaching crisis. STE joined conservation partners to write an open letter to the President asking him to stay strong in the face of objections from special-interest groups. Only with global leadership from the US and China on closing down ivory markets can the threat to elephant populations be defused. Add your voice to the call to keep the government committed to helping secure a future for elephants!

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STE Website
A Fresh Look for STE on the Web

The rains have come in Kenya, and half a world away to the north spring is in full flush. Out come the blossoms, green grass… and a new website! It’s a fresh perspective on our work to save elephants, designed to be easier to read on the move.

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Yao Ming Gives Sport for Samburu

When Yao Ming, China’s biggest star, visited Samburu he inspired everyone with his basketball skills… but broke the village hoop. In compensation he has funded an entire basketball court, the latest fruit of the growing China-Samburu connection! 

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Talking Elephants in London

On May 28th Iain Douglas-Hamilton will be in London to give his uniquely in-depth perspective on the wonder of elephants and the battle to save them from the ivory trade. The talk will be held at Christie’s auction house on the King’s Road.

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Californian Lions  to African Elephants

STE intern Yiwei Wang connects both worlds and species. An American with Chinese roots, Yiwei tracked Mountain Lions in California for her PhD and is now turning her skills to elephants. She’ll be sharing her experiences with East and West.

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