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 Elephant Society Resists Poaching   

The life lessons passed on by mother elephants to their daughters go far beyond where to find food and water, new research by STE scientists in Samburu, northern Kenya, has revealed. By introducing their young to their friends and more distant family, mothers allow the next generation to inherit their social network. The result? Despite the loss of around a quarter of all the adults in Samburu the network of social connections has remained surprisingly stable. The work provides the first detailed look at the social structure of a population hit by poaching, and shows that - once left alone - elephants will rebuild their society.

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 Price of Ivory Falls in China

The price of raw, illegal ivory has almost halved in China in the past 18 months, according to new research by leading ivory price researchers Lucy Vigne and Esmond Martin for Save the Elephants. The Chinese government’s stated intent to close down their domestic ivory trade, growing awareness in China about the impacts of buying ivory and the slowdown of the Chinese economy have likely all contributed to the reduced demand for elephant tusks. Meanwhile ivory trade interests in China are pressing to delay the ban promised by President Xi, creating a real risk of renewed demand if they succeed.

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university symposium
The Future of Wildlife

To attract the best talent to work for wildlife in the future, today’s college students need to understand that conservation can be a career as varied and rewarding as any other, all while helping to build a better world. To showcase the options, Save the Elephants organized the first ever University Conservation Symposium in Nairobi.

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protestors outside the LegCo @EPA
Hong Kong Ban Proposed

Back in 2014 Save the Elephants introduced Hong Kong legislator Elizabeth Quat to wild elephants with our partners WildAid. This month Quat took a motion to ban the ivory trade to the territory’s Legislative Council, and won rare unanimous support. The long march to an ivory ban in Hong Kong has begun.

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Tracking on Mt Marsabit

Mount Marsabit is a forgotten jewel in Kenya’s crown. An oasis of green in the arid north, the tendrils of mist and rugged lava flows make Marsabit feel like Kenya’s Virunga. This month deployed five collars there with the Northern Rangelands Trust & Lewa to investigate elephant connections to the south.

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 2015 has been a big year of ups and downs for elephants. Great strides have been made in protecting elephants and in moving towards an end to the ivory trade, but huge challenges remain. We’re honored to have you with us on the journey and thank you for all of your support for elephants.



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