Mali's Desert Elephants in Crisis   

When we first visited the elephants of Mali in the mid-1970s they enjoyed the tolerance of the local population. In 2012 jihadist conflict struck. The elephants were protected by the Mali Elephant Project for nearly 3 years, but trafficking networks have thrived on the insecurity. 57 elephants were killed in the first half of the year, 14-20% of the population. Now, as the elephants move north (in the biggest recorded migration), they are in danger. 11 were killed in the first week of November alone. The Elephant Crisis Fund is supporting the WILD Foundation to protect the elephants.

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 In Celebration of Elephants & Bees

With three years of data now in the bag, the verdict is clear: beehive fences are a highly effective way of keeping elephants out of smallholders’ farms. The Disney Conservation Fund has been a key partner in developing this project and turning it into the success that it is today. This 5-minute film created by Disney is a wonderful celebration of our collaboration. It’s set in the farms that surround our research center just outside Tsavo National Park, the test bed that has now spawned replicas in Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Mozambique, Chad, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

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The Devil Arrested

Known as “Shetani”, or “the Devil”, Boniface Matthew Mariango helped bring about the destruction of Tanzania’s elephants. The nation has lost 60% of its elephants in just 4 years. Last month Shetani was arrested by a specialist task force, and his prosecution gives hope that the fight may now have turned in favour of the elephants. 

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 Elephant Fame

The elephants of Samburu made it onto the front page of the internet on the 8th October! The link to a panorama of the Hardwood family on StreetView featured on more than 60 other national Google sites. alone sees 750 million visitors a day. The Hardwoods must now be some of the world's most famous elephants...

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Poaching hits Kruger

As the ivory crisis in Kenya reached its peak in 2012, Save the Elephants warned that the wave of poaching that had swept across central Africa and into the east would inevitably hit the south. The first tusker killed for its ivory in Kruger was in May 2014. By mid October the figure was at 19, with 12 of them killed in the previous two months alone. 

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WCN Expo
Talking Elephants

 Every October Save the Elephants makes a pilgrimage to the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in San Francisco. It’s one of the highlights of our year, as we join friends working with dozens of other wild species in meeting the people who support our work. For those who didn’t make it, here’s our half hour talk!

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