Natural Death of a Great Tusker 

One of the largest tuskers ever to be tracked in Africa has died in
the Kruger National Park. STE South Africa had followed Mac since
2002, making him the elephant we have followed for longest. Although South Africa is braced for an onslaught of ivory poaching, Mac died naturally. He was estimated to be approaching 60 years old, and investigation of his carcass revealed an abscess in one of his molars. His teeth on the other side were worn smooth. He’d just been through his annual Musth, and the team thinks it likely that he was unable to grind enough dry season browse to restore his body weight.    

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Tsavo Elephants and Bees
Beeline to Tsavo

After years of working with the farmers of Tsavo to develop the
successful concept of beehive fences to protect their crops, STE’s
Elephants & Bees project was gifted an acre of land by the community in order to build a base. This month a small squad of STE interns will break ground on building a Human-Elephant Conflict Research Centre (catchy name still to be coined). The building will consist of a small office, a community meeting area, a training room, a small dormitory for visiting staff… and of course a honey processing & storage room. Thanks to the Rufford Foundation for their help! 

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Tsavo Bulls Herd
Pan-African Elephant Survey

In 2014, Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen is to fund a pan-African elephant survey to more accurately establish the number of elephants that remain. The first such survey, was completed in 1979 by Iain Douglas-Hamilton, and estimated 1.3 million elephants. 

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Botswana Elephant Summit  

Senior figures from 30 African range states and ivory transit nations gathered in Botswana for the African Elephant Summit. After a powerful speech by host President Seretse Khama Ian Khama , representatives agreed to 14 Urgent Actions needed to avert the ongoing crisis. 

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Tsavo Plane
Airborne Ranger 

In a landscape so wild that roads are rare, an aircraft is a crucial tool for wildlife security. One eventful flight by the STE/Tsavo Trust aerial patrol project last month saw poachers arrested red-handed by the Kenya Wildlife Service after an incident was observed from above. 

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Happy Holidays

It’s been a big year for elephants both in the field and on the international stage, and we are heartened by the powerful coalition that has come together to work for their survival. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Save the Elephants over 2013! 


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