A Bright Spot for Congo's Elephants

This special edition of the Monthly Trumpet highlights news from projects supported by our Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF). Times are tough for elephants, but it is important to know that effective action is being taken. First up is a report from the front line of the battle for the forest elephants in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the TL2 landscape, the Lukuru Foundation have forged an effective collaboration with the Congolese Special Forces to purge poachers from the north and have begun securing space for future elephant population recovery to the south.

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China's Escalating Ivory Trade Exposed 

Big decisions must be grounded in solid fact. If China is going to save Africa’s elephants by closing down her domestic ivory trade, her leaders must be convinced of the scale of the issue. An ECF-funded report by two experienced ivory researchers has revealed that the illegal ivory trade in China is expanding out of control: the price has tripled in just four years, the number of legal factories and shops has quadrupled in a decade, and illegal outlets far outnumber licensed shops. The news went far and wide. Read more to see what the South China Morning Post had to say. 

Dogs to Save Elephants

Working dogs are a powerful tool for saving Africa’s wildlife, but without proper management they can quickly become ineffective, or worse. The ECF funded Working Dogs for Conservation to investigate best practice for dogs deployed in Africa, to maximise the power of future deployments.

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Airborne Tusker Patrols

Keeping Tsavo’s remaining Great Tuskers from sharing the fate of Satao, the iconic elephant killed earlier this year, is the focus of the ECF’s investment in the Tsavo Trust. In close collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service, in 2014 the Tsavo Air Wing assisted in 17 armed encounters and 47 arrests.

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Defending Niassa

The elephants of Niassa in Northern Mozambique are in trouble, but the Reserve’s vast size makes effective patrolling a challenge. The ECF funded the Wildlife Conservation Society & the Niassa Carnivore Project to get aircraft in the sky and smart ranger management in place on the ground.

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Bingbing is Hunted

Leading Chinese actress Li Bingbing keeps up the pressure on the ivory trade in this powerful 1-minute film made by WildAid. It is one of six elephant films created in 2014 with ECF funding, which also supported other key work aimed at sharing awareness with China on the impacts of buying ivory.

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