A Historic moment for Elephants  

The world’s two most powerful nations came one step closer to banning the trade in ivory within their borders last month. Presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama issued a joint statement from New York committing to enact nearly complete bans on ivory import and export. The announcement builds on earlier comments from China’s State Forestry Administration and suggests that the Chinese government intends to take strong and timely action on ivory. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants, has written a brief commentary on our new website on what the news might mean for the future of Africa’s elephants.

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Google Street View in Samburu

Not everyone can travel all the way to Samburu in Northern Kenya to witness this epic wilderness and learn the wonders of one of the world’s best-studied elephant populations, yet elephants need all the friends they can get. When our partners at Google offered to make Samburu the first place on the East African savannah open to visitors from anywhere in the world via their Street View technology, we leapt at the chance. Come explore our camp, meet the elephants or walk with warriors. Watch the stunning 10-minute mini-documentary about the project, and check out how we now monitor elephants from space to soil

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Mozambican Bees

Mozambique is one of Africa’s most challenging environments for elephants. Not only is the ivory poaching crisis raging there, but also elephants are getting into trouble with newfound farming communities. This short film in the Yale360 contest shows the power of Dr Lucy King’s beehive fences to keep the peace.  

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Tribute to a Fallen Hero

Koyaso was once one of the most feared bandits in Kenya’s north, and elephant ivory was his loot. As community outrage at poaching rose, he found himself ostracized and unable to find a wife. He turned himself in and became a warrior for elephants, routinely turning poachers away from their trade. Koyaso was killed in a recent cattle raid. 

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Community Elephants

The success of northern Kenya’s community conservation movement under the Northern Rangelands Trust is highlighted by new research published in PLOS One. Lead author Festus Ihwagi of STE works on the Monitoring of Illegal Killing of Elephants project in Samburu, data from which has influenced policy around the world.

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Justice for Wildlife 

 The ivory crisis is a global issue that requires a global response. In early October, in 136 cities across 6 continents, citizens of the world showed their support for elephants and rhinos. STE joined in Nairobi, the largest of the marches. One day later California’s Governor signed a bill banning almost all trade in the state. 

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