Laos: Today's Fastest Growing Ivory Market

Laos is now the fastest-growing ivory market in the world, according to a new report published by Save the Elephants. The alarming finding was released at a press conference in Nairobi, showing that the retail ivory market in Laos has increased more rapidly than in any other country surveyed in the last three years (2013 – 2016). The number of Chinese-owned retail outlets selling ivory in Laos was also found to have increased considerably in the last three years. The ivory trade in Laos represents the latest treat to African elephants and urgent steps must be taken to tackle this escalating problem.

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Adding A Voice in  Hong Kong 

STE’s Head of Security Chris Leadismo joined a diverse team recently to urge the Hong Kong legislative council to support the ivory ban with no compensation for ivory traders. Chris gave a heartfelt testimony about the loss of his closest friend, a Kenyan park ranger killed while protecting elephants, and said despite the risks he remained committed to his job. “I still go because if no one keeps the peace in our landscape, eventually, we will all be victims of poachers, one way or another”, he said. We hope Hong Kong will take all steps necessary to close down its ivory trade.

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Night vs Day Elephant Movements

Elephants are switching to ‘SAS style’ tactics to evade poachers according to a new study led by Festus Ihwagi of Save The Elephants. The study shows that elephants move more at night and hide during the day when in areas of high level poaching, - a technique used by Morgan, a bull who lives on the Kenyan coast near Somalia. 

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The Elephant Crisis Fund

The Elephant Crisis Fund has launched a powerful new short film voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio hosted on a new website funded by his foundation. Meanwhile global jewelry company Tiffany & Co. launched its new Save The Wild Collection. 100% of profits from the collection will go to the ECF with a minimum commitment of $1million.

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WCN Expo
Wildlife Conservation Network EXPO 

Conservationists from around the world including STE’s Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Frank Pope will be speaking at the WCN Expo 2017 in San Francisco on October 14, together with two surprise guests! Learn about the threats faced by wildlife around the world and the solutions that offer hope for the future by booking tickets to the event.

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Where The Wild Things Go 

Our founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton talks to about the evolution of elephant tracking technology from the first radio collar he deployed in the 1960s, to the high-tech real-time GPS app we created with Vulcan. This technology is helping us discover new stories about the behaviour of elephants across Africa.

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