June 2017

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Picture Yourself in
Baltimore July 6-8, 2018

Can you picture yourself in Baltimore, Maryland “Celebrating One Day at a Time?” Plan to join thousands of Al-Anon, Alateen, A.A. members, and guests at Al-Anon’s 2018 International Convention with A.A. participation to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and celebrate recovery.

Plan to attend workshops during the day on Friday and Saturday, and Big Meetings Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning.

Registration opens in September.




It’s OK To Take
AFA 2018 Personally!

A newcomer sent this heartwarming message sent to the WSO:

“I don’t know who left copies of Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism magazines at my public library. But I thank you. I’ve started going to meetings. You changed my life.” Mark L.

Wherever Al-Anon members drop off copies of AFA magazines, they leave help and hope behind for families of alcoholics, and have an opportunity to experience Twelfth Step sharing.

The deadline for placing individual or group orders of the first printing of AFA 2018 magazines is Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 5 p.m. ET.

Here is a flyer to distribute at meetings.

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Thanks for sharing hope and help!

@Alateen_WSO is NOW
on Twitter!

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The World Service Office (WSO) is excited to announce the launch of the official @Alateen_WSO on Twitter. Please follow @Alateen_WSO, like and retweet our posts. Find us on or through
In keeping with Tradition Eleven and the “Anonymity and the Media” policy on page 93 in the “Digest of Al-Anon and Alateen Policies” section of the 2014-2017 Al‑Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27), please remember to protect your anonymity on social media by not making comments or using screen names that would reveal your Al‑Anon or Alateen membership. This announcement is informational only as Al-Anon does not endorse any specific social media provider.

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Can Newcomers
Find Your Meeting?

Welcoming and giving comfort to families and friends of alcoholics is Al-Anon’s primary purpose, as stated in Tradition Five. Newcomers to our meetings are often scared and confused, so making the meeting easy to find is essential.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Is your meeting information accurate on the local meeting list, local and Area websites, and at the WSO?
  • Are your group’s phone contacts prepared to respond to calls from newcomers and others seeking information about the meeting?
  • Can newcomers and others find your meeting in the building? Consider placing directional signs in easy-to-spot places, outside and inside the building, to lead them to the room.        
  • Does your group have a process in place to welcome newcomers and explain what Al‑Anon is and how the group functions?
  • Does your group maintain a supply of CAL and local meeting lists to offer to newcomers?

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2017 Is the
60th Anniversary
of Alateen

How will your group commemorate the diamond anniversary of Alateen? Consider:
  • Asking an Alateen to speak at your next group anniversary.
  • Using Alateen Conference Approved Literature (CAL) in an Al-Anon meeting. The daily readers, Alateen—a day at a time (B-10) and Living Today in Alateen (B-26) are great resources. 
  • Sharing on a Fourth Step meeting using Alateen’s 4th Step Inventory (P-64).
We are calling on all Alateens and Al-Anon/Alateen groups to send “Happy Anniversary” cards all this year to the World Service Office (WSO) for a special display. Please send your cards to: 
AFG, Inc
1600 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Attn: Groups
Or send your e-cards to, with “Alateen 60” in the subject line.


WSO Automated Phone System Upgrade

The WSO meeting information automated phone system now provides up to three Al-Anon meetings to people seeking Al-Anon’s help. Callers have the option to use the automated phone system or speak to WSO staff operators during business hours for specific meeting inquiries.

Encourage your group to verify your meeting information, so newcomers and members can find your meeting. Please notify the Area or the WSO of any changes, so up-to-date information is on record.

and Alateen Are on Instagram!

Reach out to young adults and teens to let them know about the support that can be found for anyone affected by the family illness of alcoholism. Find links to the AlAnon_WSO page and the Alateen_WSO page at


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