October 2016

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Schedule a fall tune-up
for your meeting!

Although the family disease of alcoholism never takes a vacation, fall is a time when individuals who are affected by someone else's drinking seek comfort and hope in the rooms of Al-Anon and Alateen. Fall is a good time for groups to check their readiness to welcome new members. Some things to check…

  • Is your meeting information accurate on the local meeting list, local and Area websites, and at the WSO?
  • Can newcomers find your meeting in the building? Consider placing signs in easy-to-spot places to direct people to the meeting room.
  • Does your group have a supply of CAL and local meeting lists on hand to offer to newcomers?
  • Does your group have a process in place to welcome newcomers?
  • Are the group’s phone contacts prepared to respond to newcomer’s calls?


The World Service Office is pleased to announce we have refined the process for making individual contributions online.  This new process allows for a faster user experience, as well as the ability to make a recurring monthly contribution with the click of a button.  If you are interested in making a personal contribution, please click the following link Contribute Now or visit the Members’ Website and click the “contribute now” icon.  An email receipt will be sent within minutes of your having made a contribution and the email receipt will serve as your tax documentation.  The new payment portal is supported by PayPal, however we do not endorse PayPal or any other electronic commerce providers, nor is a PayPal account required to make a contribution.  For online group contributions please continue to use the traditional online store,, and a paper acknowledgment will be sent in the mail in traditional fashion.

How do I remain anonymous
in a Facebook group?

Did you know that Facebook offers three different privacy settings for Facebook groups? Knowing the difference between these settings can help you practice Tradition Eleven and safeguard your anonymity at the public level when participating in these groups:
  • “Public group” – this setting will allow anyone to join and the group members’ profile pictures and posts are visible to all Facebook users.
  • “Closed group” – although this setting requires an invitation to join, all Facebook users can still see the names and profile pictures of group members.
  •  “Secret group” – this setting requires an invitation to join and safeguards group members’ personal identities (full names) and profile pictures (full face).
The principle of anonymity is described in Traditions Eleven and Twelve. Further information is available in the 2014-2017 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27)

Note:  This information is being provided to assist members in safeguarding personal anonymity at the media level. This includes social media platforms operated by outside entities. The WSO neither endorses nor opposes any social media provider.

Have you updated your
Service Manual lately?


When the World Service Conference (WSC) revises any of the policies and/or the text of the Concepts, the new text is posted in the online edition of the 2014-2017 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual, in both the full version interactive and full version no interactivity, shortly after the Conference.

Since April 2014, there have been two policies and two Concept text revisions. If you have downloaded the Service Manual to an electronic device, you may want to reload it, as several changes have occurred since the April 2016 WSC.

Individual pages of the revised text to the policies and Concepts can be downloaded, printed, and then trimmed to fit and inserted over the current pages in the printed copy of the Service Manual.
So that you have the most current information for group and district meetings and Area Assemblies, please go to  to find the latest updates! They are highlighted in yellow!

 Spreading the 
 Alateen word 
 through social 


The “Alateen WSO” page on Facebook provides information for young people affected by someone else’s alcoholism. Just search “Alateen WSO” on Facebook to access, share and like this page.


Since the purpose of the Alateen page is to carry the Alateen message, members are asked not to send comments sharing their experience or break their anonymity.

Thanks for all you do for Alateen!

A big social media Thank-you!

Thank you for adding #RecoveryMonth to the WSO social media posts you shared in September. Please continue sharing our posts as a part of your daily public outreach!

Find us by searching on Facebook at:

“Al-Anon WSO” in English,

“Los Grupos de Familia Al-Anon OSM” in Spanish, and

“Les Groupes Familiaux Al-Anon BSM” in French.

Find us on Twitter at @AlAnon_WSO.
Please remember to protect your anonymity on social media by not making comments that would reveal your Al-Anon membership.

Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism
We need
your story!

Visit the Members’ Website to read the Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism Writing Guideline
Perhaps you’ll be inspired to submit a sharing—an article or even just a few sentences that may resonate with someone still suffering from the effects of someone else’s alcoholism.
Let them know that we understand, and let’s share hope. Carrying the message—Step Twelve—is an opportunity for spiritual growth in Al-Anon.
You can also go to the Members’ Website at Click on “Individuals,” “Featured Publications,” “Send Your Sharing,” and “Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism.”


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