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May, 2012

Dear Core Knowledge UK Supporter,

Since Core Knowledge UK focuses on providing a coherent, knowledge-rich primary curriculum and educational resources, we wanted to bring to life the idea that 'knowledge builds on knowledge'. Our new Knowledge Owls illustrate the cross-curricular connections both between subjects and between topics that build year-on-year. They will be present in the forthcoming Core Knowledge UK resource books, and they are currently learning, thinking, and participating in fun activities on the website.

The Activities section has had a facelift! We have restructured it to allow us to add more activities for you to use with your child. As a bonus, we have added a few new activities now! The Knowledge Owls not only help you navigate between subject pages, but they also feature at the bottom of many of the activities to provide you with links between related activities.

Meet the Knowledge Owls below, and visit them in the Activities Section online! Which is your favourite owl? What should their names be?

Provide us with feedback about the Knowledge Owls on our Facebook page or on our Google Plus page, and suggest some good names to reinforce the subjects they represent. We'll look forward to hearing your comments!

Language & Literature
Language and Literature OwlHello, I'm the Language and Literature Owl. I'll help you find activities on learning to read and write, cultural literacy, poetry, multicultural and traditional British stories, and familiar sayings. Let me show you my selection of online activities!

History & Geography
History and Geography OwlHappy May Day! Do you also like learning about different cultures and places, and how what happened in the past affects us today? I'm the History and Geography Owl, and I'll teach you about the history and geography of the world and of the UK. Try my new May Day Celebrations activity, and one called Your Country.

Visual Arts
Visual Arts OwlHi, I'm the Visual Arts Owl and I like helping you appreciate different types of art by different artists and learn how to use various styles and methods to make art. I think I have a fun job because the art I show you illustrates the other subjects you're learning about. I have two new activities for you online!

Music OwlGood day. I'm the Music Owl. Do you like music? Do you like to sing and dance? Do you have a favourite song or kind of music? I'll enjoy your favourites with you and show you many new things as well. I  celebrated International Jazz Day on 30 April by adding some new online jazz activities for you, and one perfect for May Day!

Maths OwlGreetings! I'm the Maths Owl. I will teach you not only about numbers and computation but also patterns, classifications, money, measurement and geometry. And that's just a start in Year 1! When you make pancakes at the weekend, use my fun maths activities to liven up your breakfast.

Science OwlNice to meet you. I'm the Science Owl and I have lots of fun things to teach you. I have hands-on science activities and also will teach you about famous scientists. See my new activities on the five senses and magnetism.

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