84000 eNewsIssue 25 | September 2016
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Our New Reading Room is Open!
After more than a year of work, we are launching our new online Reading Room. The state-of-the-art platform is first-of-its-kind, featuring an attractive look and feel, fully responsive and mobile friendly interfaces, as well as easily navigable and searchable content. Compatible with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), the new platform conforms to the rigorous international standards used by libraries, museums, publishers and scholars. Take a look!

"This new Reading Room ensures that these translations will be easily accessible, free of charge, and enable practitioners and scholars alike to remember and study the words of the Buddha," says Huang Jing Rui, 84000 Executive Director. READ MORE
Featured Sutra
NEW! "The Question of Maitreya" contains one of the most famous Tibetan dedication prayers, "Prayer of Maitreya."
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10 New Texts to Celebrate Launch
To celebrate 84000's new Reading Room, 10 newly translated texts have been released, including six sutras:
  • The Question of Maitreya (TOH:85)
  • The Question of Maitreya on the Eight Qualities (TOH:86)
  • The Illusory Absorption (TOH:130)
  • The Absorption That Encapsulates All Merit (TOH:134)
  • The Teaching on the Extraordinary Transformation that is the Miracle of Attaining the Buddha’s Powers (TOH:186)
  • The Sūtra of the Inquiry of Jayamati (TOH:194)
Sutra Resounding
NEW! This year, we will be hosting a sutra resounding in Bodhgaya, India, on November 10. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!
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Message from our Founder
To celebrate the launch of our new Reading Room, 84000's founder, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, offered some words of inspiration: "Since 84000 started its work just six years ago, the combined effort of translators, scholars, sponsors, editors, and technical staff worldwide has finished translating 80 core Kangyur texts amounting to 6,080 pages. And they are still working hard on 120 more texts (about 18,000 pages). When they finish those, we’ll actually have translated one-third of the entire Kangyur—a task we originally thought might take a lifetime!"

"I can only consider this immense ongoing effort from everyone involved in the 84000 endeavour as a compassionate manifestation of the buddhas and bodhisattvas." For Rinpoche's full remarks, READ MORE
How you can help 84000
Consider sponsoring a word, a page, a sutra, or joining the 84000 circle, as a one-time or recurring donation. You may also like to check out our Shop & Give opportunities. Read 84000's Five Year Report to see how your donations have helped so far. READ MORE.
84000 is a global nonprofit initiative to translate the words of the Buddha
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