84000 eNews Issue 21 | September 2015
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Featured Sutra 
Back-to-school time! Consider reading this traditional sutra taught in Buddhist schools: Reliance upon a Virtuous Spiritual Friend.

The Ornament of the Light of Awareness

Have you seen our Five Year Report yet? Take a look and see how far we've come - and how much further we have to go.


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Insights from A Teacher

Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche met with team members from 84000 to discuss the significance of the number 84,000, why sutra study is important, and which sutra has most impacted his life. “His Holiness the Dalai Lama is always advising us to read teachings of the Buddha... Not to just keep it in the volume, not just to keep it in our house, but to read it and practice and apply it to oneself. He said the Buddha taught for us to apply and to practice, not to keep it in the house.”

Watch the video to inspire your own sutra study and learn how a rooster, a snake and a pig influenced the name 84000. READ MORE

 Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche - Copy 
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Editors in Action

Two members of 84000’s editorial board, John Canti and Tom Tillemans, took time out of their translation work to answer questions about their work. Both share thoughts on their biggest challenges, what excites them most about translating the Kangyur, and how they proceed when there are two possible meanings for a passage.

In addition, you will learn more about the new Reading Room currently in development, advice on becoming a translator, and 84000’s review process, including why an approximative understanding of Sanskrit or Tibetan syntax doesn't cut it when creating scholarly translations. READ MORE

 For Editorial interview post - the 2 editors - Copy 
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A Euro A Day: A Story from A Donor

84000 has 3,118 sponsors helping to translate the words of the Buddha. Read how one sponsor, Audouin S., has been donating a euro a day. This seemingly small donation has made an impact. Over two years, he’s sponsored almost two pages of translation. READ MORE

Our translators are working tirelessly to get new works to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are working on 20,214 pages of translation (28% of the Kangyur). To enable us to continue the translation work, we need regular donors. We ask you to please consider giving a donation of any amount. 84000 has monthly donation levels to allow donors to sponsor a word, verse, a full page or more.

For a Euro a day post - Audouin 2
How You Can Help 84000:

Help us keep up the momentum by supporting our work. Consider sponsoring a word, a page, a sutra, or joining the 84000 circle. You may also like to check out our Shop & Give opportunities. READ MORE

84000 is a global nonprofit initiative to translate the words of the Buddha
and make them available to everyone.

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