“Ultimately all phenomena are utter emptiness… understanding this utter emptiness is awakening.” - Manjushri, Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths
Issue 30 | December 2017
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In Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths, Manjushri is summoned by the Buddha to teach the two truths — one of the most fundamental principles of Buddhist philosophy — in a way that demolishes all dualistic experience.

We at 84000 wish our supporters a joyous holiday season! Please consider sponsoring a word, line, or page of translation as a gift to your loved ones.


Reading Room Upgrade & 84000’s New Tech Lead

Meet Dominic Latham, 84000’s new Technology Lead, who has recently upgraded the Reading Room platform with new features such as a bookmark tab, pop-up footnotes, and a new layout for the sūtras. Remarking on the challenge of serving “the very different needs” of the readers and translators, Latham points to the behind-the-scenes effort to create a database that “will offer a whole new set of possibilities for exploring the universe of the Buddhist scriptures.”

New Matching Funds Program

84000 is thrilled to announce a new matching funds program for those pledging to make recurring donations as of November 2017. This program ensures that those who promise to make ongoing gifts to 84000 on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis will have their gifts matched equally by one of our matching funds sponsors. All recurring gifts to 84000 going forward will have double the impact! 84000 is extremely grateful to both its recurring donors as well as to those matching funds sponsors who have made this possible.

Pop-Up Commentary on Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, 84000 Chair, surprised attendees of an 84000 sūtra resounding held in Sydney, Australia, by giving a summary of the few pages of the text that he happened to be reading, Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths. Rinpoche stopped the resounding and exclaimed about the text in his hands, “It’s just so beautiful!” He then proceeded with a scene-by-scene description of the few pages he had just read, and concluded with the following paraphrased declaration of Manjushri: “We invented the idea of relative and ultimate truth only for the sake of conversation.”


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