84000 eNews Issue 17 | September 2014
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Sūtra Resounding
NEW! Join us to read The Play in Full under the Bodhi tree on October 27, 2014. See you in Bodhgaya!
The Sūtra of the Three Bodies

84000 Video
NEW! The 84000 video was successfully launched, raising US$13,000 through our social media
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Tribute to Our Translators 
When the idea of providing a system of support for Dharma translators was first discussed at the Translating the Words of the Buddha Conference in 2009, almost no one was working on Kangyur translations. Today, as a result of the hard work and contributions of our partners and donors, 84000 supports 153 translators to work part- or full-time on translating the words of the Buddha.

As the worldwide community celebrates the International Translation Day on September 30, we would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of all our translators with a brief video message from our chairperson, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. READ MORE


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Our Translation Progress
We are pleased to report that to date, our translators are working on 140 texts (18,089 pages), or more than a quarter of the Kangyur. Many more interesting texts that are in the pipeline include: Perfection of Wisdom in 25,000 Lines, King of Samādhi, and The Complete Hundred Deeds.

Our Reading Room, which currently houses 17 published translations, continues to gain traction, with 4.4 million hits, 110,898 downloads of texts, and a total of 81,238 visitors from 136 countries. Help us keep up the momentum by sponsoring a word, a page, a sutra, or contributing in other ways. READ MORE



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What’s Hot? Translation Conferences!
84000 is continually working with translation organizations and teams around the world to ensure the highest and most informed quality of translation. Actively participating in academic workshops and conferences, we are involved in the latest discussions of the issues facing today’s translators. Learn more about the University of Vienna conference attended by members of the 84000 team in July. READ MORE

This October, 84000 is participating as a partner in the Translation and Transmission Conference in Colorado, an international forum for dialogue and reflection on Buddhism’s transmission in the modern world. For regular reports from the ground and opportunities to join our translators, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
How You Can Help 84000:

There are many ways that you can support 84000’s work. Consider sponsoring a word, a page, a sutra, or joining the 84000 circle. You may also like to check out our Shop & Give opportunities. READ MORE

84000 is a global nonprofit initiative to translate the words of the Buddha
and make them available to everyone.

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