84000 eNews Issue 18 | December 2014
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Featured Sutra 
NEW! Read our newest sutra, The Inquiry of Avalokitesvara on the Seven Qualities, now available for free in our Reading Room. 

The Sutra of the Three Bodies

2014 Success
NEW! 2014 was a great success thanks to your support! Check out our progress for the year.
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Resounding Under the Bodhi Tree 
Our Bodhgaya sutra resounding was a big success, with over a thousand participants reading together for an hour. Thank you for joining us!

The sutra we read, The Play in Full, shares detailed accounts of the life and teachings of the Buddha; and as such, the setting of the resounding—in the shade of the Bodhi tree where the historical Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment—was particularly appropriate.

Read our full first-person account of the event, and watch a short video capturing the highlights. READ MORE


 Bodhgaya Resounding 2014 
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Advice from the Tradition
Senior scholars from all four Tibetan Buddhist traditions, along with 84000's editors and translators, met in Bodhgaya at our first translation seminar to discuss the best way to translate Buddhist texts.

Sarah K.C. Wilkinson, our North American team lead, shared about the seminar in a Tricycle article: "Ideally, translations should be accessible, permanent (as much as possible), uniform in quality and presentation, not identified with any single group or tradition, and worthy of being widely recognized as both authentic and reliable."

We are pleased to share that the video and transcripts of the in-depth discussions are now available. READ MORE


Translation Seminar
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New Sutra for the End of the Year 
As the year winds down, responsibilities and commitments often ramp up, making time scarce. With that in mind, 84000's newest sutra in the Reading Room is a short one-page for you to read whenever time allows.

The Inquiry of Avalokitesvara on the Seven Qualities starts with the Buddha residing on Vulture Peak Mountain in Rajag?ha. The Buddha is asked about the qualities to be cultivated by a bodhisattva who has just generated the altruistic mind set on attaining awakening. The Buddha briefly expounds seven qualities to be practiced, emphasizing mental purity and cognitive detachment from conceptuality. 
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There are many ways that you can support 84000’s work. Consider sponsoring a word, a page, a sutra, or joining the 84000 circle. You may also like to check out our Shop & Give opportunities. READ MORE

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