August 13, 2013
Vol I, Issue 3

“The truth is that man’s spiritual condition has deteriorated far more than his physical one.”
– Lecture Lahore, page 177


If you are an Ahmadi Muslim between the age of 12-25, we invite you at attend a 2-day Spiritual Fitness Camp near you.
Fifteen such camps are being held during the month of August/September. Parents… please make every effort to enroll your children in these camps. The program includes:
1) Practical learning (Wuzu, Tayammum, Salam, making rows for salat, etc.)
2) Interactive discussions on issues surrounding school life
3) Daily Sports
4) Question/Answer sessions
5) Quran classes
Have more questions? Click here for our FAQ document
Locate a camp near you: Click here
Check out a suggested program: Click here
Contact your regional camp coordinator: Click here


Contact Suhail Kausar, our national camp coordinator, with further questions. is the new home of the Department of Tarbiyat, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA. We welcome you to interact with us.

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