Jan 15, 2014
Vol II, Issue 1

Folks gunning for physical fitness often talk about “hitting a plateau”, where after achieving a certain level, they can’t seem to make any progress. It becomes hard to go any further without the help of someone who can give ideas on how to break through the barrier and continue getting bigger, stronger, and faster.

If you’ve hit a similar plateau in your spiritual fitness, here's a new resource for ideas to kickstart your progress.

The National Department of Tarbiyat invites all of you - from coast to coast, young and old, male and female - to join our brand new Spiritual Fitness Forums at forums.spiritualfitness.us.

These forums are a nationwide spiritual support group, where Imam Hammad Ahmad and our team will help you spiritually grow bigger and stronger. Help yourself and your brothers and sisters to break through the obstacles you're facing on the path to becoming spiritually fit.

You can remain anonymous or use an alias, so long as you follow our forum rules.

This is it. This is your chance. Get those questions answered that have been burning inside of you, impeding your spiritual progress. Start that discussion you've always wanted to have. Join in on some of the conversations going on the forums already! 


See you all at the forums, insha'Allah!

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