June 29, 2015 spiritualfitness.us

Vol III, Issue 11


Video Answers to Your Ramadan Questions

Ramadan is about increasing our Taqwa (fear of Allah). Where Ramadan is a time for prayer and reflection, it is also a time for learning and spiritual growth.
Chances are, you have encountered at least one of the following questions at your work, mosque, or home. Here we present short video answers. Watch them with your family.
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Watch the full video here.
Q1 @ 01:00 What is the significance and importance of the holy month of Ramadhan for the Muslim world?

Q2 @ 06:10 When does the month of Ramadhan start? And why are there differences on it among different groups of Muslims?

Q3 @ 18:30 Can you explain the close relationship of recitation and study of Holy Quran in Ramadhan?

Q4 @ 28:55 There are many in the West who are looking from the outside-in when commenting on this month of fasting, and perhaps don't fully appreciate the spiritual endeavor that it involves. They focus more on the fact that it appears to be a month of extreme physical exertion and harshness to Muslims. Could you give insight into the rationale and wisdom of fasting in this blessed month? 

Q5 @ 35:10 Could you elaborate on what constitutes a journey with respect to fasting?

Q6 @ 38:45 Are there any hard and fast rules about sickness e.g. if a person is diabetic? 

Q7 @ 43:20 What is the Ahmadiyya Muslim view on the subject of Taraweeh prayer and Tahajjud?

Q8 @ 51:00 In the month of Ramadhan one can attain nearness to God, could you express from a personal perspective the opportunities one has to maximize benefits from this blessed month?
Let’s make sure we are not compromising our taqwa by falling for the following trap of materialism. We present a closing excerpt from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (aba):

“If one accumulates wealth by telling lies, by usurping others or through deceit, such wealth is not a source of good, it eventually becomes a source of evil. God says that to avoid His chastisement, provision should be acquired through fair means and it is the righteous who are given provision through fair means; this provision comes from God from ways and means beyond imagination. It is stated: ‘…And he who fears Allah — He will make for him a way out.’(65:3)(Friday Sermon, July 4, 2014) 



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